Optus Streaming FIFA 2010 World Cup To Mobiles For Free

FIFAFansTelcos often view sporting content as something they can charge their customers for (witness cricket, for example). So it's quite refreshing to see Optus planning to offer live coverage of next year's FIFA 2010 World Cup soccer extravaganza for free.

For the duration of FIFA 2010 in June and July, Optus customers will be able to watch matches live on their phones, as well as access archive material and features from SBS (which will be broadcasting the event). The phone footage will apparently be shot with a separate camera for optimal phone quality. Given the time difference between here and South Africa, watching matches live might involve some anti-social hours, but for sports tragics, it's a welcome development.


    Sports nuts eh?
    I can see many hours of headphones in, under the covers action in June and July.
    If only Optus extended the same respect to Android users and unblocked paid apps in the android market.

    Sounds sweet - I wonder if it'll support iPhones.. streaming video content isn't something that telcos often support on iPhones

      Yeh iPhone support would be great! *fingers crossed*

    All well and good if Optus didn't have such a fluctuating connection. I can have full bars, not move and it drops down to 1 or no service and up to full bars like a yoyo. Doesn't matter where I am either - capital city or rural!

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