NFB Films Brings Hundreds Of Free Films To Your iPhone

iPhone/iPod touch only: Need a little something enriching to pass the time on your non-driving commute? The National Film Board of Canada's NFB Films iPhone application brings access to hundreds of free animated movies, documentaries and experimental films to your iPhone.

All the films stream from the internet, so you'll need an internet connection to grab them, but this app also allows you to download and store films to watch later (up to 24hrs), which is fabulous for those places around town where signal is weak or non-existent — like the 3rd-floor bathroom in your office, or the spotty signal you get while riding the train.

The content includes everything from children's cartoons to Oscar-winning flicks, and to top it all off, the download and the entire contents of their film library are free of charge.

NFB Films [iTunes App Store via Drawn]


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