YouTube Rolls Out Full-Fledged Movie Section; Shares 400 Free Films

Last year, YouTube opened YouTube Shows, sharing dozens of classic TV shows and a spattering of movies. Now they're back with a more focused — albeit colourful — effort on the movie-sharing front.

When YouTube started rolling out TV shows and classic movies last year, we wondered what their next move would be. YouTube Movies just opened and it sports hundreds of movies of ranging from the excellent (like the documentary Home) to the classic (like The Best of The Three Stooges) to the colourful (like the distinctly NSFW Pool Party and OC Babes and the Slasher of Zombies).

Check out the new offerings at the link below and if you find an interesting — and SFW! — movie to share, throw a link in the comments so your fellow readers can check it out.

YouTube Movies [YouTube via TechCrunch]


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