Digital TV Scammers Hit Rural Areas

Digital TV Scammers Hit Rural Areas

The Mildura area will be the first to fully convert to digital TV, and sadly that means it’s also the first to see scammers trying to take advantage of the switchover.

A press release from the Department of Broadband, Communications and the Digital Ecomomy today notes that door-to-door salespeople are claiming to be government representatives and flogging dodgy-sounding “conversion equipment”.

Senator Stephen Conroy was quick to let fly on the issue. “I was outraged to hear reports about people claiming to represent the Government and offering digital television goods door-to-door,” he said. (Personally, we reckon he should be even more outraged by his own department’s insane Internet censorship plans, but there you go.)

Recent figures suggest that more than half of Australia already has digital-ready TV equipment, and the government has spent more than $66 million informing people. Apparently, that message still isn’t sinking in everywhere. Warn your grandparents.

Warning on unauthorised digital TV offers [DBCDE]


  • You can include in the scammers – JB Hi-Fi, Harvey Norman, Dick Smith & Tandy etc. who have been promoting High Definition set top boxes to connect to non high definition TV’s. Unless you have a full high definition TV, you won’t require a HD set top box, once channel 7 decide what they are going to do with their HD programming. (and if you have a full HD TV – guess what – it’s got a HD tuner built in).

    • Dennis:

      actually, many ‘HD Ready’ televisions have no digital tuner built-in, even more current model TVs have an SD digital tuner but no HD tuner.
      ‘Full HD’ TVs on the other hand, don’t offer any kind of recording features, (with the except of one 50″ LG unit), so set top boxes add a further dimension to viewing.
      not only that, the newest STBs add advanced (somewhat unrealised) features that no current TVs include.

      personally I think one remote for everything is very convenient, but having a separate STB has the benefit of being able to upgrade / add new features without replacing your TV — so far I’ve upgraded my STB four times over the life of my LCD TV.

    • Wrong, i have a full HD capable samsung 22″ Tv, with an analogue tuner but no HD digital tuner.
      It is possible t have hd capability without the tuner.

      But generally speaking you are correct.

    • One Digital HD and 7 HD have unique content that you will not be able to watch without a HD Tuner or Set Top Box. i.e. One Digital has most One Digital HD simulcast but sometimes it only broadcasts for you to watch on the HD channel. But this is not 100% of the time.

  • Hi krzystoff
    Glad to see your comment, but read mine carefully – I said a FULL HD TV has an HD tuner. An SD TV may only have an SD tuner, but you cannot see the quality of HD on an SD TV, and the programs are the same except for channel 7, which has still to commit to HD programming. I did not mention recording, as in that case you need to choose which recorder you buy, because you could upgrade the TV later and get the benefits.
    I wonder what you can upgrade to, with an STB? Surely any upgrade would be the TV itself, or a recorder, or DVD or blue ray, in which case there is a good selection according to your needs, now and future – I’ve no problem with that, I only worry about the non-technical buyers being sold something they don’t need for at least twice the price, up to five times the price. Anyone who really understands what they are buying will select what they want, without being conned by misleading information.

  • Sheep will always get screwed no matter how much you tell them. How do you think places like Hardly Normal make stupid profits even in “recession”. If you’re smart enough to do some research yourself and work out exactly what you need then you’ll almost never get done over (someone else randomly finding the same thing cheaper on eBay would be an exception I guess).

    • To clarify, Full HD does not mean a TV has an inbult HD tuner, these days most do, -but- Full HD relates to the panel resolution only, 1920x1080p, and it is not relative to any tuner within the device.

      Secondly, it is conceivable that HD channels will offer content that differs from SD channels, and that they will not be mirrored 24 hours per day.

      HD ready – TV has an HD panel (may not be 1920 x 1080, but will have a resolution higher than standard definition, with or without an HD tuner)

      Full HD – TV has a panel capable of 1920x1080p (with or without a built in digital tuner)

      If you want to ensure a next TV purchase has a built in HD tuner.. Look for a mention of it having.. “Built in HD tuner”, nothing else applies.

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