Community TV Gets Digital TV Spectrum Allocation

It might not be news to you that Australia is switching to digital television, but it's something of a disgrace that community TV wasn't allocated any digital spectrum when the plans were first announced back in 2001. Fortunately, that's been fixed this week.

The government has allocated some spare digital space to existing community TV channels in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide, as well as $2.6 million to help with the costs of switching signal. While community TV is never likely to threaten the ratings of mainstream channels, it has been a training ground for many broadcasters in the past, most infamously Rove McManus. No word in the government announcement on exactly when the switch will happen though.


    I love watching c31! It's about time the government got behind these community channels and help make the switch to digital. It's not fair that all the main channels have 3 channels when community tv can't even have 1. Well done Kev for giving them a fair go!

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