Why Clean Feed Internet Plans Are Wrong

Why Clean Feed Internet Plans Are Wrong

TapedMouth.jpg As plans for a government trial of content filtering with selected ISPs firm up, it’s becoming increasingly apparent that we might all get stuck with a degraded Internet service with very little justification in public service terms. Over at APC, I’ve rounded up half-a-dozen arguments for If the thought of your Internet connection being censored at the source bothers you, then then the EFA’s No Clean Feed site is a good place to get more information on campaigning against it.



  • I sincerely hope that they do drop this soon, especially with all the controversy around it.

    The only thing is I wonder how much coverage it actually perceives, obviously most of the tech savvy crowd would know about it, but what about everyone else?

  • There is nothing that a Government, any Government would like more than to be able to dip into everyones data, personal or otherwise. The fact that it wants to do this, under a Labor Gov’t, is more than just ludicrous- it demonstrates just how little disregard public servants and elected members have for personal privacy. Worse, it shows how little the public care about the most precious resource since running water was piped in and out of homes. That the pollies think they can get away with this indicates that public opinion is yet to wake up to make it past its own ambivelence and apathy.

    Not only is it unworkable, impractical and costly, this is uncalled for. Where are we living? Is Kevin Rudd about to make Australia another province of China?

    How can our government be trusted to keep third parties (ie invited or uninvited 3rd parties) out of the information they glean from our pipes?

  • Everyone including governments, corporations, educational & other government institutions, community organisations and consumers should be encouraged or required to use OpenDNS which filters incoming Internet traffic at the DNS level. It has actually also been shown to slightly increase browsing speed in some cases.

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