TweetDeck Updates With Better Facebook, New MySpace Support

TweetDeck Updates With Better Facebook, New MySpace Support

Windows/Mac/Linux (Adobe Air): Social media organiser TweetDeck pares down configuration buttons, adds full Facebook feeds and new MySpace support, and integrates more tightly with link shortening service Bitly in a new version. In other words, it’s worth the update.

TweetDeck is mainly a Twitter client, but it’s been making inroads into helping you organise, search, and compress your other social networks in later versions. Adding columns is now a bit more intuitive and specific, as TweetDeck asks you which account the column should come from, and which aspects of a feed should be shown. Along with the aforementioned status-checking features, there’s now drag-and-drop photo uploading for Facebook posting, and new lists of recommended Twitter accounts to follow for different types, like “Journalists.”

TweetDeck is a free download, works anywhere the Adobe AIR platform does.

TweetDeck [via CNET]


  • @MichaelBrazell re 2), how can you make such a self-confident assumption about the “falseness” of our trending topics ? Do you have access to the firehose stream of twitter data ? Are you aware twitter manually moderate their trends ? Have you noticed their trends remain the same for ages / or become generally crap outside of business hours (ie. when there is a lack of ressources to manually moderate / alterate them) ?

    And finally, have you ever wondered why tweetdeck make use of our trending data rather than twitter’s (implementing twitter’s own trending topics would take no more than 5 mins for their team)? There is no commercial agreement between us, no personal relationship… So if they did it, it’s for a good reason.

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