Tweetdeck Is Going Web Only

Tweetdeck Is Going Web Only

If you’re a fan of Tweetdeck on your iOS or Android device, or even the desktop Adobe AIR version, you have until May to say goodbye.

Twitter purchased Tweetdeck a couple of years back, and it has announced that all versions save for the web browser version will stop being offered in their respective app stores, after which they’ll simply stop working. The aim is to simplify on a single web platform, according to the Tweetdeck blog.

In many ways, doubling down on the TweetDeck web experience and discontinuing our app support is a reflection of where our TweetDeck power-users are going. Over the past few years, we’ve seen a steady trend towards people using TweetDeck on their computers and Twitter on their mobile devices.

It’s only a gut feel, but I never found the Tweetdeck mobile experience all that pleasant. Even after multiple app updates it was always rather crash prone, which was why I stopped using it on mobile some time ago. Will you miss Tweetdeck when it’s gone?

An update on TweetDeck [Tweetdeck via CNET]


  • I won’t miss Tweetdeck for Android, no. I switched to an app called Tweakdeck ages ago, after Twitter started ruining Tweetdeck.

    Now, if twitter’s API changes stop Tweakdeck from working, THEN I’ll be cross.

  • The mobile apps I won’t miss – as you say, they were never great. The desktop app is still the best multi-account social network monitor around (or at least, I’m yet to find a better one).

    The web version is also buggy and prone to crashing – I’ve found it a major memory hog, too. If I let it run for more than a couple of hours, I end up needing to restart my PC.

  • I find it to be the most aesthetically pleasing iPhone client, but agree that it is crash prone and it annoyingly doesn’t autocomplete all the twitter accounts I follow and doesn’t have an easy input for hashtags.

  • Sounds like yet another widely used app changing for the worse. Bit like how Microsoft’s Messenger has moved to Skype, and removed mail notification in the process (key feature guys).
    I seriously have no issue with the Tweetdeck app on my S2. Looks like I’m going back to Seesmic.

  • Isn’t the Desktop Adobe AIR version 0.38.2? Isn’t there also a native executable desktop version for both Windows and OSX as well? All these updates seem to skip over that, not mention it at all.

  • Yes I will miss it.

    I’m extremely peeved about the change. I rarely get that way.

    I have no interest in using twitter in a web browser.
    I like it as tweetdeck as a separate application.

    I occasionally use the tweetdeck app on my Android but I have no issues with it (except I forget how to remove columns all the time).

    Ultimately I want to know what the new Twitter/Tweetdeck is?

  • Janetter is like a rougher version of Tweetdeck on the Windows platform. Looks similar, but the notifications and customisations aren’t as good.

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