TweetDeck Updates With Inline Image Previews, Twitter Lists And More

TweetDeck Updates With Inline Image Previews, Twitter Lists And More

TweetDeck’s new non-AIR client was a little lacking in features when it first came out, but today it received a major update that makes it much more tempting. New features include full support for Twitter lists, inline media previews, a new format for retweets and more.

The inline image previews are arguably the best part of this new update, showing you pictures and videos inside the stream, without requiring you to click on a link. The new lists feature is nice if you’re a fan of Twitter lists, though, and the new Activity and Interactions columns are an interesting way to keep up with your Twitter friends. They’ve also updated the retweet feature, now allowing you to use the “RT @username tweet” format rather than the less popular quote format.

It doesn’t have filters or some of the other advanced features of the AIR client, but if you’ve been waffling between the two, these new features might be enough to tip the scales. Hit the link to read more about the new version, or check out the video above for a quick tour.

TweetDeck Updated: Lists, Activity, Media and more [TweetDeck Blog]


  • Does it have read/unread tweet markers yet? This and the lack of default column length is what makes it unusable for me. The lengths it has before it starts culling visible tweets is only works if you’re constantly watching it, which I and many others don’t. We like to switch windows, come back and see where the last tweet was that we read.

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