Tour de France Streaming Live On SBS Site

Tour de France Streaming Live On SBS Site

tourdefrance Only yesterday we were asking what TV might be sensibly streamed in Australia, and now we’ve got one answer: the annual Tour de France cycling race.

SBS will be offering an HD, Flash-based stream of its 2009 tour coverage, so pretty much any browser or platform will be covered. The broadcasts begin on July 4 and continues through July 27. The European time zone means you can’t sneak in much viewing at work, but it’s a welcome step nonetheless.

SBS Tour de France


  • now if only we can get it unmetered, because this could chew through some significant download quota if every stage isn’t completely live (eg if you live in wa)

  • well they might be streaming it, but it’s not live, I’m watching it on versus now and it’s not on SBS yet, their running a prelude at the moment

    • help, been trying to get live streaming of the tour…i might be terrible with technology but when you have a ‘normal tv’ (why the hell is cricket on?!?!?!) i’m doing my best to watch it on my lappie…not working!!! can you help me

  • Since 04 July, I have tried every available way to get the live streaming of the Tour de France on, as promised by SBS. I have even downloaded Flash Player 10 at considerable expense. Nothing is working. I get endless re-runs of “Preludes”, with equally endless buffering and static and pauses and unintelligible speech. I have tried every which way of typing in the site also, including the words “player”, “streaming”, “live”, et., etc. I have written to you once before, and your reply said the live streaming is working at your end and you cannot imagine what could be wrong at my end. EVERYTHING is wrong. I feel angry. Please HELP. Sheila McLaren.

  • cant get sbs live streaming EITHER its a real problem I am upset as well I look forw all year to watching it on my normal TV …why didnt they put the ashes on sbs 2..? when we are used to the programme. I tried to get it in bits n pieces on an Italian station and Irish station but its on and off live streaming.

  • Hi,

    I’m French but living in Japan and believe it or not, here they *do* broadcast the tour, but not some of the mountain stages…

    Anyway, if you go to, you’ll find a real time updated list of sources that broadcast it live (I watched from Versus yesterday).
    The quality is not the best (defenetely not like TV), but you can still get the excitement (the site is very well updated in real time so if you go when it’s not on, you’ll find no source but get back later and it’s gonna be there)

    By the way, to access the stream you might need to install some software, such as SopCast or veetle (they are all free and listed on the “software” tab of the site),

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