Lifehacker's Top Australian Stories, January-June 2009

As the new financial year begins, here's the local stories that attracted the most attention over the past six months. Unsurprisingly, travel and the iPhone feature heavily — but who knew tooth-brushing and bushfire tracking would be so popular?

  1. Google Maps Offers Real-Time Victorian Bushfire Updates
  2. Improve Your Willpower By Shifting Your Tooth-Brushing Hand
  3. Hand Luggage Only: The Big Lessons Learned
  4. iPhone 3GS: The Key Australian Details
  5. How I Cleaned 1328 Emails Out Of My Inbox In An Hour
  6. Why I Didn't Buy A Mac
  7. The Master Packing List For Compact Travellers
  8. iPhone 3GS In Australia: What We Know One Week Out
  9. ANZ Money Manager Organises Accounts From Multiple Banks
  10. Best Australian iPhone 3GS Deals


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