3 To Sell iPhone 3GS From July 17

iphone3gsby43 has set a date for when it will join Optus, Telstra, Vodafone and Apple itself in selling the iPhone 3GS — July 17. In typical iPhone style, there's no pricing yet, but you can pre-register your interest on the 3 site. [iPhone on 3]


    Got the email from 3, as being able to register interest has been there for a few weeks. We have been told pricing is on way...

    But given how much the threw at us to lure us to 3 with our unlocked 3G iPhones (yeah, I did it, and love their plan), I am really curious.

    I own my 16gb outright, but if their 32gb ph is worth it in cost, then and only then will I go on plan, sell this lovely phone. Otherwise, it is damned wonderful as is.

    Not that there's much info on the site anyway, but your link is broken. Needs to be just http://www.three.com.au/iphone

      D'oh! Fixed (I'd forgotten the http:// prefix, naughty editor!)

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