3 Offers Free Facebook Access Until September

Feeling miserly with your mobile phone broadband data alliance? 3 has a slightly weird offering at the moment — free access to Facebook until August 31 on all its mobile data plans.

The deal applies to all of 3's plans and to both new and existing customers. I can't actually imagine someone signing up to 3 just for three months of free Facebook access, but if you're already using them it's one way of eking out your data. (UPDATE: Turns out this even applies outside 3's own coverage areas, though be cautious about external links within Facebook, which will cost you the usual price.)


    Interestingly, there is absolutley no mention of it costing you when roaming. It is still advertised as being free when roaming, I'm going to spend a bit of time roaming and see if they'll credit it back when they charge me.

    How about free twitter?

    It is definitely free whilst roaming. I've checked it out on my account and then rang them to confirm.

    Oops, didn't see the update :)

    Wow, free facebook while roaming is pretty suprising. Would like to know whether or not this is Mobile Facebook only, whether you can use the Facebook applications, browser specific, etc etc.


    How can i get on facebook at school if its blocked ?:/ are there any other ways i can try?


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