Virgin Mobile Offers Rollover Data On Postpaid Plans

Virgin Mobile is tweaking its contract (postpaid) plans so you can roll unused data from one month to the next — handy if you normally find your data allowance is enough but suffer the occasional blowout.

Under the rollover plan, any data you don't use will be rolled over into the next month. You can't accumulate data over time — only data you didn't use in the previous month is rolled over. The rollover is data only; texts and call allowances remain unchanged.

The new arrangement applies to all postpaid contract plans (prepaid and month-to-month buyers don't have the option). New customers will be given the option automatically. If you're an existing Virgin Mobile customer, you can ask to have the option added, though if you're on an older grandfathered plan, you'll have to switch to one of the current deals. Unusually, switching won't add an additional period to your contract — the original term will still apply as long as you switch to a plan at the same or higher value than your current plan, which is good news.

Virgin Mobile's own internal data suggests that while only 20 per cent of its customers will exceed their data allocation in any given month, 40 per cent will do so at least once during a six-month period. That makes rollover potentially useful, though bear in mind that you'll never have more than two months' worth of allowance available at any given time.

These are the current data allocations on Virgin Mobile's postpaid plans (all of which run for 24 months):

Monthly cost Data
$30 300MB
$40 500MB
$50 1000MB
$60 2000MB
$80 4000MB
$100 6000MB

Those data allowances are pretty mean on the cheaper plans, and you could potentially score more data on a prepaid plan for less money. However, if you're going to sign up for a contract anyway, having the ability to roll over data ahead of a holiday (which often increases data usage as you flood your Facebook feed with pictures) could be useful.


    Hopefully the others follow suit here, but with Telstra being money hungry pricks, I doubt this will happen.

      What about just switching providers? Virgin has the Optus coverage, which would satisfy the great majority of customers needs. T charges more just because we the costumes allow it.

    I got excited about this news, so as soon as I get home I called Virgin mobile customer service. I am currently on 2.3G/month data plan. I was told to get this new plan with rollover feature, I would lose 2G/month!!!! In other word, I would only get 300Mb/month instead of 2.3G/month in order to get this new rollerover plan!!! I hang up!!!

    If you have been a Virgin customer for a while, you can ask for a Loyalty Bonus of 1 GB data to add to the standard data allowance. You'll have to do this over the phone though.

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