Quickflix Offers Movie Downloads, Munches Your Bandwidth

DVD rental service Quickflix will begin offering legal movie downloads in early June, but flick fans will need to brace themselves for some Internet cap pain.

Quickflix is taking up the previously reported option offered by Warner Bros to allow online download sales, and will allow downloads by customers who aren't already members of their postal rental service. Convenient it certainly is, but it's not exactly a good value deal. According to Quickflix' announcement, "the films will be available in standard definition quality and will mirror standard Australian DVD retail and rental costs". And there's the always-present problem of download caps, which you can chew through pretty quickly even with a standard-definition release. Is this the future for movie access, or does Quickflix need to partner with an ISP pronto?


    Partner, pronto

    iiNet users have quicklfix as part of their freezone

    I wonder if this will be quota free for iinet as they have the freezone with quickflix. Here's hoping as itunes rentals are way too expensive.

    omfg!! Netflix in australia.... free in the iinet freezone .. aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    The Quickflix hook up with iiNet is just for the rental of DVDs it's not for free movie download traffic.

    I just need to get it off my chest. The internet services in Australia are so BAD! These companies, do they actually believe their own crap? That they are giving us a good deal? xxGb for $xx a month? give us a break...! Tel$tra (obviously) is the worst offender here.

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