Warner To Release Download Movies The Same Day As DVDs

Warner To Release Download Movies The Same Day As DVDs
benjaminbuttonIn a typical “Australia one year later than the States” move, Warner Bros is going to begin offering movies via download services at the same time as DVD releases, beginning with The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button on June 3.

As Nick at Gizmodo points out, it’s not likely that the download releases will be any cheaper. That said, if you’re not hung up on the packaging, getting movies as a download is obviously more convenient, and this way they’re much more timely. Given the low download limits on most Australian ISP accounts, though, it’s not a habit you’d want to indulge in too often, I suspect, unless you make a sensible match of provider and ISP (iiNet and iTunes, BigPond and BigPond Movies).

Warner Offering Digital Downloads On The Same Day As DVD Release [Gizmodo]


    • Not sure I follow that . . . if you’ve got an option to buy it as a download, the justification for channel BT is weak, and you’ll be using bandwidth either way. (I’d argue the justification s weak anyway, but that’s another story).

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