Chime Lets Aussies Update Twitter Via SMS

ChimeDemo The lack of SMS integration is a perennial complaint for Australian Twitter users. Chime goes a fair way to solving that problem, letting you update your Twitter status via an Australian phone account.

Register your Twitter account with Chime, text the supplied confirmation pin, and then you can update your Twitter account by sending SMS messages to 0429558117. Those show up on your regular feed, tagged as being sent from Chime, and the only cost to you is whatever you pay to send a regular local SMS. (You can also use the service overseas; I did my registration and testing from New Zealand.)

It's unlikely that Twitter will ever offer receiving updates via SMS in Australia (in the US, where the recipient pays, that's a more viable model). Until it has its own official service for sending messages, Chime is a great substitute, and much cheaper than the previous alternative of using Twitter's UK text number.



    But doesn't Vodaphone UK let UK users receive tweets?

      Vodafone NZ does too -- and if Australia ever gets a plan of that kind, it'll be carrier-specific. But in the US it's pretty much carrier-neutral, since the user is paying.

      O2 and Vodafone in the UK both allow users to send Tweets to a shortcode (86444) and also to receive updates (in theory unlimited, in practice its limited to a few hundred incoming messages per month).

      But I have a UK prepaid SIM card with me in Australia that is delivering Twitter notifications for free, even while roaming. Clearly I'm costing them more in interconnect fees than I am in total usage so far!

    There is a way to get your tweets via SMS anywhere via or - it is just user pays.

    Is it that much more expensive to SMS to Twitter's international number?

    That's weird, I update via my Aussie pre-paid Vodafone without a third party app. When I registered my phone on Twitter, they gave me a UK number to send my tweets to and it works fine.

      The UK number has always worked -- but you'll be paying UK rates to text it.

        On a Vodafone sim, text to UK or Aus cost 25c whether you are pre-paid or contract.

    umm... just tried the Chime thing & it hasn't worked

    user error? no way!

      an update: SMS sent to Chime at approx 7.00pm Tuesday, Twitter updated at approx 1.00am Wednesday

      that's a 6 hour lag

    Chime is fantastic. It updates twitter instantly, and, combined with Telstra's 1c offer, only costs 1 cent.

      So the Chime number is on the Telstra network? I wish someone would start one on Virgin so we (Virgin users) can text it for free. I read somewhere it's not too hard to setup a mobile server to do this...

    A "perennial complaint"? Really?

    I was upset in 2007 when Twitter got rid of SMS notifications for Australians but nowadays a basic 3G phone (good enough to run Slandr, a web-based Twitter client, in the Opera Mini web browser, which only needs Java ME) is $200 or less.

    And my prepaid plan with 3 means I pay 10c a Mb. Virgin is offering 3c a Mb for prepaid. If you're paying 25c a text message, you're paying $1500 per Mb. Yes, over a *thousand dollars* per megabyte. If you really want to update your Twitter a LOT with SMS, you're going to be paying through the nose. And if you're not going to update a lot, where is the incentive for your phone company to make a deal with Twitter?

    I just asked on my twitter account if people would use SMS notifications if they were available - one very good point that two people brought up is that they'd only want to follow a very few important people via SMS. I follow over 1000 people on Twitter, and my phone's SMS client is about the worst possible way I can think of to manage all the messages that generates.

    I can't help thinking that Twitter via SMS in Australia is a dead issue. Someone answered my question saying that updating and getting messages via SMS could be useful when outside a 3G zone, but by the time it takes Twitter to do a deal with Australian telcos, 3G phones and mobile data will have dropped even more, and phones without 3G will be rarer and rarer.

      Good point David. That is what i was also thinking. SMS is so outdated for techsavy twitters.

    an update: SMS sent to Chime at approx 7.00pm Tuesday, Twitter updated at approx 1.00am Wednesday = 6 hour lag

    Chime supports Facebook status updates as well! Wow!

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