Twitter Still Promising Australian SMS Service

Twitter Still Promising Australian SMS Service
New Zealand last week got the option to access full two-way Twitter service via local SMS, but Twitter promises that Australia is still under consideration for a similar arrrangement.

As with most of Twitter’s SMS arrangements outside of North America, getting your updates via SMS requires you to be signed up with a specific carrier (Vodafone). Having announced the new plan, the Twitter blog goes on to promise that a deal for Australia is in the works:

We know from experience that Australian Twitterers are a passionate bunch. Hopefully this good news will not have a negative impact on Trans-Tasman relations. We promise that Twitter loves Australia and we will be turning on full, two-way SMS in your fabulous island continent as soon as our mobile team can make the necessary arrangements.

To be honest, this would be slightly more persuasive if Twitter hadn’t made exactly the same claim back in February, when Canada SMS service was rolled out. As such, our collective team breath is not being held.


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