ISP Customers Opposed To Net Censorship

ISP Customers Opposed To Net Censorship

TapedMouth.jpg There’s already been some highly visible protests about proposals to try and filter Australia’s Internet feed, but a new survey from Netspace clarifies that opposition to this poorly-thought-out scheme is widespread. Phil Sweeney at Whirlpool reports that almost 80% of customers surveyed by ISP Netspace were opposed to the scheme, and only around a quarter said they would sign up to a clean feed if it was available, whether compulsory or otherwise. While there’s been some speculation that the government will cancel the plans after the trial (using the inevitable performance degradation as an excuse), that’s far from a certainty.


  • The government really do need to give up with this. They have been trying to get results for a a long time to show it’s a good idea, and the more they push it the more bad press it gets.
    I’m dead against it, but they should either just outright say “We’re bringing it in” or just drop it instead of all this faffing about.

  • True true.
    When a government has come to realise a policy wont work for technical and popularity issues it does not admit its wrong.
    If it did the opposition would capitalise on this and Labor in this circumstance would not have a leg to stand on.
    They will do the test then quietly state why it was wrong and try not to talk about it.
    The system works….. kind of.

  • Jim Wallace is the managing director of the Australian Christian Lobby who is pushing for china like Internet censorship all ive seen out jim wallace old Australia Institute 2003 survey report things have changed old timer time to move on jim or better still move out sure some communist country will give you a job so you can put your out of date views to some use.

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