Web Blacklist Already Under Fire

Web Blacklist Already Under Fire

banned.jpgOne of the key elements of controversial plans to filter Australian Internet access is the use of a “blacklist” maintained by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) to identify banned sites. While the list is supposed to be secret (since the content of the sites it lists is purportedly illegal), ACMA doesn’t seem to be going to particularly strong efforts to protect it, as Fran Foo points out in a report for AustralianIT. On the one hand, this is a kind of reassuring reminder that most attempts at censorship fail. On the other hand, the apparent willingness to embrace inconsistency isn’t a very promising sign for how policies might be applied if a full-scale filter is introduced.


  • The filter is an idea which I have to have say has some credit. However, the option to not opt out of it is ridiculous. I am legally an adult. Have no kids but do not want to stumble upon sites which are “unsavory” but if I did have kids they would not have the opportunity.

    I think it would have merit to have a system that you could opt out of, thus assuming I am an adult. That way, the households whom have not the tech savy or the will or the time (I have heard a lot of the arguments)automatically are “protected” from the bad guys. All the govt then needs to fix is home invasions, teen pregnancies, spiraling unemployment, drugs……

    I think the fact that this secret list is out into the world would have to assume that secret is is now going to make those inclined to go have a look. Good one Conroy. Or maybe that was the plan. To have it out and thus have people looking thus proving the Conroy right. I cant believe the media hasn’t picked up on this.

  • Hmm, I’m still hopeful this won’t end up happening.

    Having a secret list of “banned things” and sending cranky letters based on the fact that something could be *potentially* banned is ridiculous.

    Getting a dedicated box overseas and piping all my traffic through that is looking better and better.

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