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Whether you're headed out in support or dissent, you should know what you're getting into before you go and join a protest. Even if you think the event is purely peaceful, someone else, another protest group, or the police may all have different ideas. Here are some tips to prepare before you go out to have your voice heard.


Lots of people have a little booze before bed to help them get to sleep — but while a night cap may help in the dozing-off department, too much alcohol can actually do a number on the overall quality of your shuteye. Let's take a look at some of the important differences between drunk sleep and sober sleep, including why it's so damn hard to sleep in after a tipple-tastic night on the town.


Firefox only (Windows/Mac/Linux): Close'n Forget, one of the runners-up for Mozilla's Best Firefox 3 Extensions, has updated to, well, actually work more often, erasing any site's cookie/history/AwesomeBar evidence from Firefox with one button click. We've never featured Close'n Forget as its own download 'round these parts, but, then again, back when it made an appearance in the awards round-up, a handful of commenters were saying it just wouldn't close a tab, or wasn't offering enough customisation. A few bug fixes and updates later, and Close'n Forget seems to really do its intended work. After installing, right-click your toolbar and hit "Customize" to add its tiny X icon to your button array, or right-click any page to get a "Close and erase cookies for current site" option. If you want to go deeper than just that page's cookies, check out Close'n Forgets privacy-plus options: