No HD TV for now on Aussie iTunes Store

iTunes Store TV.jpg While Australian users can download iTunes 8 right now and start placing their orders for new iPods, there's one heavily-discussed feature that won't be of much practical use: the ability to download and watch HD TV content on your PC. While the US iTunes Store is offering a range of HD TV shows, an Apple Australia spokesperson confirmed that the feature is US only for the moment. (And yes, that was the words "Apple Australia spokesperson confirmed" all next to each other in a sentence.) If you've jumped through the hoops to set up a US iTunes account, getting those HD shows is possible, but with the massive file sizes involved, it could chew right through your download limit. iiNet subscribers, who get unmetered access to the iTunes store, can probably feel self-satisified here.


    Does the free iTunes store deal still work if it's content from and overseas store? I thought they might have some way of mirroring the content from the Australian store only.

    well if you can only get HD shows on the us itunes store when will it be available in the australian itunes store...

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