Facebook For iPad Offers Full-Screen Games, AirPlay-Compatible HD Video

Although we've known of its existence for months, the Facebook iPad app has finally debuted in the iTunes App Store and is available now as a free download. It brings the Facebook experience to a bigger screen, offering a better experience for viewing photos, playing games and more.

As you can see from Facebook's premature announcement (the app didn't quite make it into the App Store as early as they advertised), the app isn't much different from the iPhone version but simply designed for the iPad's bigger screen. The new interface includes a navigation bar on the left side of the screen, much like Apple's own Mail app, which makes getting around much easier. The most exciting new feature of the app, however, is the option to play full screen games. Facebook also added HD video with AirPlay support, so you can stream virtually any video posted to Facebook to your Apple TV (or other AirPlay-compatible device).

While not a revolutionary app by any means, if you love (or even just like) Facebook and have an iPad it's pretty much an obligatory download.

Facebook for iPad [iTunes App Store via Mashable]


    How does it play facebook games. Aren't they all flash?

    Yay, finally. I love the new facebook app for iPad.

    Anyone else noticed that Airplay isn't working from the FB app? Getting audio, but no video from the aTV when streamed from the iPad FB app. Nice app otherwise, and about time too :)

    Does anyone know if this app uses SSL encryption? If not I think that I will stick to using the desktop site in Safari.

    Last edited 05/03/16 2:41 pm

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