Internode offers free Wi-Fi access for iPhone apps

iPhone3G.jpgInternode has announced that iPhone users can now access iPhone applications for free whenever in one of its Wi-Fi hotspots (which are, unsurprisingly for a South Australian company, more prevalent in Adelaide than anywhere else). Since the Australian launch iPhone owners have typically been able to get free access from their chosen telco when in hotspots run by that company, and Internode’s Wi-Fi network already allows anyone (including iPhone owners) to browse for free after going through an online confirmation page. However, that doesn’t work well with some iPhone services that choke on the login requirement, so Internode now offers a one-off login process that means you can subsequently access MobileMe, Google Maps and other Apple widgets when in an Internode hotspot without needing to sign in. The switch isn’t a major surprise: Internode founder Simon Hackett is a total Apple fanboi, and I suspect this probably came about when he got frustrated with trying to access an Internode hotspot on his spanking new iPhone.


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