Has The Internet Dating Stigma Finally Ended?

Has The Internet Dating Stigma Finally Ended?

I was at a friend’s wedding recently, and during the after-dinner speeches it emerged that the couple had first met online. That didn’t strike me as at all remarkable, and it seems I’m not alone. A Galaxy Poll conducted on behalf of online dating service meetmyfriend.com.au found that 83% of single people aged between 25-39 favoured using an Internet service to meet for potential partners. Even allowing for the not-exactly-unbiased source, that’s a remarkably high number. After all, it wasn’t that long ago that dating someone you’d met online — whether casually through a common interest, or in a more organised way via a dating service — was frequently viewed as desperate, risky or second-best. Why have attitudes changed so fast? Does that data match your own experience? Share your take in the comments.


  • My only experience with meeting potential partners online is through watching a friend of mine go from one to the next, with most of them having been met online. In his case, it’s a little bit tragic.

    I think it’s fine to meet someone online and then agree to meet in person, with the view of learning more. It gets a bit hairy when internet “dating” becomes involved.

    That’s just my take though!

  • i think internet dating is becoming a lot more common, and as such, a lot more accepted. our lifestyles are so busy these days and our opportunities for being introduced to suitable partner prospects are becoming more limited. i’ve had a look at the meetmyfriend.com.au website and it appears to work on the basis of friend recommendations, which is a really cool – given that we all have single friends who might not be right for us, but perfect for someone else, and vice versa. now i just have to get a friend to write my profile and give it a try!

  • Internet dating is the new way for people to meet. The internet is making the world a much smaller place and lets face it, most of us do everything online these days.

    6 years ago would you bank online?

    would you shop online?

    times are changing and online dating is a perfect way for guys who don’t like to approach women in bars and clubs.

    besides why waste your time doing it the old fashioned way. you can meet more women in less time using the internet. its really easy.

  • We’ve been married 9 years and we met online…I’d say the stigma was gone 5 or 6 years ago. We met back before the height of the stigma I’d say…when it was still a novelty. She was in Australia and I was in Canada and contact was via mIRC…remember that?

  • Notice all the people saying it is ok, are the ones doing it? Have a look at popular culture – taking the piss about internet dating is still the in thing. I also know many sad people that have monthly dramas with weirdos and psychos they meet online. Those of us with the social skills to actually talk to a member of the opposite sex in person do laugh at you internet daters. And all the excuses about “lack of time”, and “ease of use” won’t change that.

  • In the early stages of a relationship with a guy 25 years my junior (I am 45, he is 20), when we met on cougar dating site,Seekingsugarmomma.com I have to say that the comment about these guys unable to get with a girl their own age has to be way off. My man is very sexy, hot and popular and I’m amazed that he wants to be with me…but also believe he does. My main concern is not other people but my family of 3 children age 10 to 17, do any others have stories of “what the family thinks”?

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