Foxtel Prices To Change From November 1

Foxtel Prices To Change From November 1

FoxtelLogo.jpgPay TV provider Foxtel is changing its prices from November 1. While the entry-level service is going up (from $37.95 to $40), many of the additional channel options are dropping in price (adding extra entertainment bundles is $0.95 cheaper, for example), and pay-per-view movies are also marginally less expensive. It seems that Foxtel wants to encourage people to spend up more on extra content by offering minor discounts, so for people (like me) who just get the basic service, it’s a nuisance, though not a dramatic one. Check out the link for full details on what’s changed (all prices are now in round dollar amounts, which is sensible). Would rising prices put you off pay TV? Share your thoughts in the comments.


  • There’s not much value in Foxtel. The HD content is thin and pricey. I’ve kept it for eight years just for basketball, but with that dwindling there’s not much reason to keep it. BitTorrent + $70 for 150GB a month will get you a lot more than Foxtel can provide.

  • Is it just me or is Foxtel struggling to fill its programming?
    They seem to rotate the same old shows through the different channels….a show will start off on Discovery and then migrate through Travel and adventure, Lifestyle etc.
    I find that after about 2 months of viewing your have pretty much seen everything you want to. Some nights I find myself just surfing through all that content with nothing new to view.
    And a lot of the documentaries and shows (especally on the crime investigation channel) are pretty dated.
    End of rant.

  • How is it that a product that charges for use has just as many commercials and the same lousy programming as a free product? I can’t see myself considering it until they offer a la carte programming so I can choose what I watch. Even if they told me I had to make up a set price with my choices, it’d be more appealing.

  • I was going to join until I found out I have to get the basic pack….they were offering a 12 month contract with the first month free on there best package and then saying that you can have foxtel from as little as $10 but this not that case as it says in the small print after your free month you have to go on at least the Starter pack which is $37.95 or something but now it will be $40…I only wanted the movies pack so that sucks….

  • Yeah, you should never call foxtel customer service. They don’t know what they’re doing at all. Optus is much better and cheaper – migrating was the best choice of my life

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