Foxtel Prices Go Up In November

Foxtel tends to roll out its annual price rises in November, and this year is no exception. TV Tonight reports that basic package prices will go up by $1 from November 1, while Platinum pack prices will rise by $2 a month.

We know that Foxtel is planning a suite of HD channels for the 2012 Olympics, and I'd be surprised if there weren't some specials on to encourage new sign-ups before that happens. There are also question marks over Foxtel's proposed merger with Austar.

So if you haven't got pay TV, right now probably won't be the cheapest time to sign up. If you have, then factor the price rise into your family budget.

Foxtel packages up $2 from November 1st [TV Tonight]


    never considered foxtel / austar to be a "must" in the household.

    until I can choose what channels I want with reasonable price, I wouldn't be bothered to have em

    50 bucks a month for the basic package which 95% of em is not interesting for me...that's a robbery

    We already have some of the most expensive pay TV in the world, and now there's a price increase. No thanks.

    The no contract period offer may make it an ideal time to sign up, in some people's minds.

    Why? I've been a long term Foxtel client, and I just see more and more ads and less and less quality.

    If netflix streaming ever arrives in australia, its gameover for foxtel.

    That's a great way to make more money foxtel

    Increase prices on an already overpriced service when even a fair chunk of the people that already have it are questioning keeping it because its too expensive.

    I don't understand why anyone bothers with pay TV nowadays. What other technology-based service goes up in price each year?

    iTunes allows you to watch (and pay for) just the programs and movies you want to watch (without ads), instead of paying for a whole lot of crap (with ads) that you don't. Heck, even my Blu-ray player connects to the net and gives me access to iView and a couple of other catch-up services (and a movie streaming service). FTA DTV fills in the gaps (sport, news, etc.) and a DVR dongle allows me to record FTA shows and remove the ads and crap before watching them.

    iTunes + Apple TV + EyeTV = best value entertainment bundle on the market today.

      I only have pay TV for sport. No sport = no pay TV.

        Exactly. PayTV = Sport. And occationally, something that is not a reality TV show. You can argue that TV in general is rubbish, but FTA is especially rubbish.

    I want 4 channels only and Foxtel seems to know people tend to want those channels so they split them up across multiple packages to force you to kit yourself out with the most expensive option possible.

    Instead of spending $120 a month on TV, I just check their online TV guide for those 4 channels I want and then torrent the shows I want to see and transfer them to my WD Live box to watch.

      also for people that like the History Channel / Discovery Channel documentaries, now that you tube has a playlist feature with auto play, you can watch tons of documentaries on you tube that people have uploaded in 10-15 minute blocks.

        Or you could just stop stealing and buy the Bluray or DVD set.

          Great logic. PayTV too expensive, so buy everything on DVD or Bluray. Unless you watch one movie a month that plan is flawed.

          The only reason I have Foxtel is their coverage of Socceroos, A-League and EPL. All 3 are top notch and exclusive. Would only look to use streams if I could get it with the same picture quality an reliability that I get currently with Foxtel.

    I agree with Stuart Dapples. I have noticed a marked increase in ads on Foxtel. I thought that by paying for your service, there wouldn't be the need for ads?? Money grubbing so & so's. I hope all these comments are passed on to them.

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