Foxtel’s Prices Change To Reflect VOD

Foxtel’s Prices Change To Reflect VOD

Foxtel’s new video-on-demand services are priced pretty similarly to other offerings. That hasn’t stopped Foxtel altering some of its pricing in the wake of the new services.

TV Tonight notes that the pricing for a basic package will rise from November 1, while pricing for some HD packages will fall slightly. Foxtel also confirmed that it is dropping its existing Box Office service for on-demand movies via cable, moving purely to delivering via the Internet will stop offering free Box Office movies on-demand as part of some packages, though the Box Office service (which uses the cable network, not broadband) will remain available. (Updated after receiving additional information from Foxtel.)

Price change for Foxtel from Nov 1 [TV Tonight]


  • Fairly uninspiring news from Foxtel. My “basic + sport” package goes up $2/month for which I get an new motor sport channel I have little interest for. Plus plenty of “opportunity” to pay a great deal extra for services I don’t think I need.

    • So, because new channels don’t interest you, you shouldn’t have to pay, even though you get access to them?

      Boo Hoo. If you don’t like it, cancel.

      Also, have you thought that the Motorsport channel (also in HD) will free up some airtime from the 3 Fox Sports channels, so perhaps there will be something for you?

      No, you just see the extra $2 and whinge. If the only thing that is Pay Per View is the Winter Olympics and Boxing, consider yourself lucky. bSkyB in the UK charge loads more, and have a lot of regular sport on PPV.

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