Foxtel On Xbox 360 Will Be Bad For Your Download Cap

Foxtel On Xbox 360 Will Be Bad For Your Download Cap

Foxtel today launched its Foxtel on Xbox 360 service, which lets you access the pay TV channel via an Xbox 360 console without needing a set-top box. While the basic $20 a month price might sound appealing compared to full-blown pay TV, there’s a big risk involved, as Foxtel doesn’t have any unmetered partnerships with ISPs.

You can spend more money by adding extra channel packs or downloading on-demand content (Nick at Gizmodo has the full pricing details ahead of the November launch). However, no matter which bundle you select, you’ll need a generous data allocation. In response to a query from Lifehacker, Foxtel confirmed that there are currently no unmetered ISP deals in place for the service, so even BigPond customers will use up a bunch of data if they regularly watch Foxtel via their Xbox 360.

While there are a handful of unlimited and 1TB plans on the market, large amounts of TV consumption could have a nasty impact on your downloads. Is that a deal-breaker for you, or is a cheaper console deal still a welcome addition? Tell us in the comments.


    • That’s a bit unfair. Foxtel have to approach them about it. Keep in mind, despite ownership, they still operate as a separate company to Telstra.
      I’ve heard rumours that they will make it unmetered for Bigpond and Telstra customers, but you’ll have to give it a bit more time than 2 seconds after the press release announcing it being available.

      • I was quite surprised they didn’t have a deal in place with BigPond, which would undoubtedly be the easiest to engineer. It’ll certainly be good for customers if that does happen ahead of launch, but I suspect if it was on the cards, they’d have held off the overall announcement to include that detail and make the bundle sound more appealing.

  • Pointless in getting this unless its unmetered. While you might be saving money with not paying for a STB you will have to pay more money for a broadband plan with enough usage to justify the service and ensure you dont have to worry about hitting your cap every day. Plus the cost of xbox live membership, you might as well just get normal Foxtel via cable or satellite.

    Doest really cut it unless its free traffic.

  • With many ISPs coming towards unlimited or large download limits as you said, it is not that bad. Demand will make others to follow suit. Nice move by foxtel.

  • I wasn’t planning in using the service, but it wouldn’t bother me since I’m on unlimited ADSL. Unlimited is totally affordable, TPG will let you have it for $59.99 a month. That’s cheaper than what a lot of people pay while getting less.

  • I was hoping that I could get away with this streaming foxtel service instead of going the full hog. Unfortunately it appears only as useful as an “add-on” service for existing subscribers until we can get some unmetered usage…

  • The Foxtel icon just appeared in the video marketplace on my xbox and it lauches tomorrow.I was happy that i would be able to watch foxtel on my xbox for cheap but also knew that it would eat up massive chunks of my data,which really sucks.I would use the service if they did make it unmetered.But i am considering trying to upgrade my data useage.

  • Metering of internet plans will not be an issue in the next 2-3 years…

    Demand for services such as this which will eat allot of bandwidth will help drive the ISP’s into following the lead of overseas markets.

    Additionally some ISP’s are already unlimited + others are now shaping to 256k, which was a common adsl plan a few years back.

  • Yeah, definitely need it to be unmetered. It will certainly go far in stopping me from downloading EVERYTHING that I watch. Disappointed, and shocked, that iiNet didn’t have this unmetered given their current agreements with XBL. Whichever ISP supports an unmetered IPTV service eg, hulu(hopefully through the XBox)

  • hi there,
    just to let those know that care, i just installed foxtel on my xbox and watched a little bit of the live streaming and it showed up as unmetered. I use cable elite, formally cable extreme. quality was good, no jumping or stalling, just some initial buffering for 5 seconds.
    Thanks bigpond. 🙂

  • Installed it on my Xbox and signed up for a month just to see how it goes.
    Im on Dodo Unlimited ADSL2+ for $58 per month. after a week im fairly happy with the service uses about 900MB per hour

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