Foxtel Shifts Prices, Charges More For Sport

Foxtel has announced changes to its pricing for its current lineup of Pa -TV packages. Some packages drop in price — but not if you’re a sports fan.

TV Tonight reports on the changes, which take effect from March 1. In the price drop category, the add-ons for Kids&Music, Drama&Lifestyle and Knowledge&Adventure drop by $1 (if you’re only buying one) to $15 per month; they’re $20 for two and $25 for all three. Movies chops $7 off the monthly asking price to drop to $25.

The base level Get Started package, meanwhile, jumps up $2 to $47, as well as getting a slight rebranding as “Essentials”. The move most likely to draw Lifehacker’s reader ire, though, is that Sport increases from $16 per month up to $25 per month. Sports packages have consistently proven to be a major drawcard for pay TV services in Australia, but the changes are, according to Foxtel, due to standardising over the Austar and Foxtel platforms, with a single-service PVR due to launch this year. According to Foxtel

Naturally, as we are aligning different and quite complex pricing structures, there will be some customers who will pay a little more and some who will pay the same or less than they currently do. This will be true for both regional and metropolitan customers.

Approximately twenty five per cent of subscribers will save money, around 25% will experience no change in their price and fewer than 1% will receive an increase of more than $3.05.

I’m not entirely sure about those numbers — there seems to be a missing 49 per cent in there somewhere, presumably those paying more, but less than $3.05. In any case, as a reminder, we’ve covered off whether it’s sensible to cancel your Foxtel subscription before. What do you think? Are the price rises reasonable, or are they a tipping point in your decision to have pay TV?

New Foxtel prices from March [TV Tonight]


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