Docoloco offers local recommendations on Web and iPhone

Docoloco offers local recommendations on Web and iPhone

Docoloco.jpg Social networking and recommendation site Docoloco takes one-sentence user comments on shops, cafes and other points of interest, and melds them together to provide information on what’s worth checking out in your local community. You can browse for all the recommended locations in a given area, search via tags for a particular category (like “pizza” or “haircuts”), and find where they are via integrated Google Maps. The site is currently focused on Australian recommendations (with a bias towards Melbourne, where it was created), but the developers plan to add other countries in the future. Docoloco has also recently rolled out an iPhone-specific version of the site.


  • Thanks for the post Angus. We’ve actually already enabled Docoloco for a number of countries and we’re getting some recommendations coming in from around the world. I’d say we’re still at about 95% Australian users though.


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