Local banks dive into iPhone applications

Local banks dive into iPhone applications

CommSec.jpgWhile dozens more are bound to emerge in the next few weeks, Australian banks appear to have been the first local organisations to get onto the iPhone 2.0 bandwagon. ANZ has rolled out a specialised version of its site for the iPhone, which should be auto-detected if you access the site via the phone. The feature set is currently limited to contact and branch location features; ANZ has promised balance checking and transfers in a future release. You can access the regular Internet banking features on the phone using the standard site via iPhone Safari, though how well that would work on the smaller screen is debatable.
A more specialised application is the Commonwealth Bank’s CommSec share trading application, which has been customised to use the touchscreen interface. We’ve not tested either yet; if you’ve got good or bad experiences to share, let us know in the comments.


  • I sat in David Jones with my 1st gen iPhone a couple of months ago and transferred enough funds for a Mac Pro from my NAB savings to credit card via Safari over GPRS. Not the fastest, and a bit fiddly with getting to some of the web buttons, but it worked.

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