Make Skype Calls With Fring On Your iPhone

Make Skype Calls With Fring On Your iPhone

Image iPhone 2.0 only: Free application Fring puts popular chat applications on your iPhone, including Skype—and the ability to make Skype voice over IP calls when your phone is connected to a Wi-Fi network. Fring puts all your chat buddies from AIM, MSN, Google Talk, Yahoo, ICQ, Twitter, and Skype on your iPhone, and lets you know who’s online when. Chat your buddies whether you’re connected via data or Wi-Fi, and make Skype calls (or Skype Out calls) when you’re on a local network. Fring is a free download for iPhones running the 2.0 software.


  • Hello
    I am a complete novice not just with computers but also with mobile phones. I just bought an unlocked iphone (first edition) and wanted to know if Fring was exactly the same as Skype, or are they two different programmes. Please advise.

  • They’re different programs — Fring lets you connect to a variety of chat and IM services, including Skype, and lets you use Skype’s calling services if you’re on a local network. (Technically speakinng, you’d have a Skype account and a Fring client.)

  • Is there any way to make voice calls through Fring using cellular internet connection on iPhone? Calling through wifi is not a big deal, dozens applications can do that…

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