The iPhone gets a price and Telstra joins the party

It turns out the rumours were true: Telstra will begin selling the iPhone 3G on July 11, joining Optus and Vodafone. Telstra has also become the first company to reveal any Australian pricing for the iPhone. While there's no full details, there's more information than we've seen from anyone else. On a 24-month contract from $30, the 8G iPhone will be available for an upfront cost of $279, or $399 for the 16GB version. On plans above $80 a month, there's no upfront charge for the phones (though this will mean spending $2,000 or more over the life of the contract).
Telstra has two obvious starter advantages in the marketplace: the extensive coverage of its Next G network, and the ability to offer free WiFi access in all its hotspots (which include McDonald's and Starbucks outlets as well as Qantas lounges). How well its pricing compares will only really become apparent as other companies reveal their costs, and once the data and voice inclusions in the packages are evident. You can sign up for more information on Telstra's iPhone packages online.


    further info on telstra 3g phone
    and you can register for a phone

    That sounds good, but like the Canadians are now finding out, the real issue is what are the Australian carriers going to charge for iPhone data rates?

    Optus and Telstra's current data rates are currently prohibitive, and not much more than a joke.

    I just want to find out how much data they're gonna include in those plans...

    Wow! This was mostly unexpected!

    Hopefully this will finally motivate Optus and Vodafone to hurry up and release their prices.

    I think WI FI free will be the big head turner plus the speed and coverage.

    Thats cheap, and for that price I'll out right buy one and take it as a tax deduction. However the data charge will be the clincher. 3 used to have a great "all you can eat" 3g plan that we pretty handy, I wonder if those deals will be pulled when this device hits the market.

    What about those "out right" prices???

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