Extreme Commuting: I Am An Extreme Moron

I’m a planner. I plan stuff in ridiculous detail. And yet despite having mapped out every element of my trips for this week’s Victorian extreme commuting experiment, I foolishly forgot to fully check one of the most obvious factors: trackwork.

Extreme Commuting: High Price For Wendouree

Day 3 of my Victorian extreme commuting experiment sees me venturing to the Ballarat suburb of Wendouree, some 120 kilometres from Melbourne itself. This seems like a good time to reflect on the relative cost of tickets in Melbourne and Sydney.

Extreme Commuting: Long Road To Eaglehawk, Speeding To Marshall

If it’s mildly stupid to test the longest train commuter journeys in Victoria, as I’m doing this week, then it’s definitely questionable to do that twice in one day, including the most time-consuming trip you can possibly take. But that’s what I did over the past 24 hours.

Extreme Commuting Victoria: From Southern Cross To Seymour

Back in January I carried out an extreme commuting experiment where I travelled to the furthest reaches of the Sydney commuter train network to see how feasible/exhausting/attractive those journeys were. This week I’m armed with a Myki card and repeating the experiment in Victoria — but with a few new twists.

Win! One Of Three Bose QuietComfort 15 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones

What’s the one unusual essential you always pick for a business trip? A black bin bag? Duct tape? A resealable food container? Tell us your story to win one of three silver Bose QuietComfort 15 Acoustic Noise cancelling headphones (worth $399 each). You’ll definitely want a pair of QC15s with you on the next trip you take…

TSA Pre Reminds You Just How Painful Airport Security Usually Is

Normally, making your way through an airport in the United States is the most painful part of any overseas business trip. Off comes the belt! Off comes the shoes! Out comes the laptop! There is a less painful process — but normally Australians don’t get to use it. Last week, I got lucky.

How Qantas Is Slashing The Frequent Flyer Points You Can Earn

Ugh. From 1 July, Qantas is changing the way customers earn frequent flyer points. In simple terms? If you buy a discounted and non-flexible fare, you’ll earn fewer points than before, especially on longer flights.

The Best Apps To Help You Find Cheap Flights In Australia

In the endless quest for cheaper airfares, the right selection of apps can definitely help. Here are some of our favourites for finding better fares from Australia.

Lifehacker Hotel Vlog: Crown Towers Melbourne

Crown Towers is the hotel above the casino in Melbourne. What gives with the exuberance of pillows, and why might the hotel designers be annoyed with Apple? Find out in this video review.

Jedi-Approved Productivity Tricks For The Business Traveller

Whether you’re a serial procrastinator or a black belt in OCD, everyone with a job requiring travel feels the pressure to reach Jedi status while on the go. Whether we’re tasked with meeting and impressing a VIP or aiming to land a new client, we need all the “force” we can get.