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Ask LH: ​How Can I Protect My Skin And Eyes From The Biting Cold?

Dear Lifehacker, I love being outdoors, but not in winter. The cold and biting wind turns my face red, tight, and sore. Even my eyes are dry! What can I do to protect myself in this harsh environment?

Save Your Silver Blanket To Stay Warm Before Your Next Race

Cool-weather races can leave you chilly once you cool down, so race organisers will often hand out mylar “space blankets.” Don’t throw yours away — it’s the perfect way to keep warm at the start line of your next race.

How To Stay Warm When It's Cold Outside

I’m constantly shocked by how many people don’t know the basics of dressing for warmth in the outdoors. Even more people aren’t equipped with the basics for sleeping warmly on a cold night. It’s all simple and cheap, read this and make no more excuses.

The Three Layers You Need To Stay Warm In Cold Weather

In cold weather, it’s important to protect your skin and eyes and dress effectively to stay warm. This infographic shows us the three layers that can keep you insulated outdoors.

Lay Cloth Or Cardboard Over Your Windscreen To Avoid Frost

We know some pretty cool ways to avoid frost on your car, including using vinegar to defrost your windscreen quickly. If you scrape your window every morning anyway, a piece of cloth or cardboard may be a better option.

Winter Is The Best Time To Clean Out Your Fridge And Freezer

Cleaning your freezer is typically a spring activity, along with cleaning the rest of the house. However, you need to remove the stuff from the freezer to clean it. Keeping all that stuff safe is a whole lot easier when it’s cold outside.

Why You Should Waterproof Your Boots Even If They Say 'Waterproof'

If your winter boots are lined with a waterproof material, check to make sure they’re waterproof on the surface, too. Weblog Refinery29 notes that even if the liner is waterproof, water can become trapped between the liner and the outer material. This can cause water spots to mark your boots.

An Easy Formula For Authentic Drinking Chocolate

If your winter weather self is craving some sweetness, then it’s time to make the upgrade to sipping chocolate. Make your own from-scratch drinking chocolate thanks to this brainless, simple formula.

How To Effectively Layer Up And Stay Warm This Winter

Even in sunny Australia, winter can be cold to the point of cruelty. You don’t need a big, heavy, puffy coat to stay warm and toasty though. Here’s how to layer up for comfortable, effective (and stylish) warmth.

Take More Breaks Outdoors During The Day To Fight The Winter Blues

The winter blues can be difficult to wrestle with. If you find yourself yearning to feel better, take a few breaks to get outside throughout the day.

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