An Easy Formula For Authentic Drinking Chocolate

An Easy Formula For Authentic Drinking Chocolate

If your winter weather self is craving some sweetness, then it’s time to make the upgrade to sipping chocolate. Make your own from-scratch drinking chocolate thanks to this brainless, simple formula.

Food52’s Heather Hands offers both a compelling reason as well as a basic recipe for making the switch. She points out that unlike hot cocoa, sipping chocolate uses real dark chocolate melted into warm milk, which means you can taste the subtle notes present in whichever chocolate bar you use.

The great thing about sipping chocolate is that you can tailor each cup to your own preferences. I prefer using a nice dark chocolate, something with a lot of flavour… I recommend using a chocolate around 60 to 85 per cent cocoa.

Hands also recommends adding in orange zest for some subtle citrus notes, as well as chilli powder, for a hint of spiciness. Check out the link below for the recipe.

How to Make Sipping Chocolate [Food52]


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