Create A Common Gmail Account To Sync Contacts In Everyone's Phones

To keep your partner, housemates or office colleagues always updated with commonly used contacts, create a group Gmail account. Smartphones can add it as a secondary account and sync the contacts, so everyone’s phone is always updated.

iDrive Combines Backup And Sync, Offers Twice As Much Space As Google Drive

Hot on the heels of Google Drive’s massive storage price cuts , iDrive has announced competitive pricing for its online backup and syncing service. For roughly the same price as Google Drive, you get double the storage space, split between your backup sets and synced files — plus it’s half off today.

ThunderCloud Brings Your iCloud Bookmarks Into Chrome

Chrome: The problem with Safari’s iCloud tab syncing is that you have to use Safari on both your phone and your computer to make use of it. Thankfully, ThunderCloud is an extension that brings those iCloud tabs into Chrome for Mac.

CloudyTabs Pulls Up Your iCloud Bookmarks Right In Your Menubar

Mac: If you’re an iPhone or iPad user, you know how nice it is that iCloud manages to sync all your Safari tabs across computers. Unfortunately, that’s not really useful if you don’t use Safari on your Mac. CloudyTabs is an app that sits in your menubar and shows you all your open tabs on different devices. Click on one, and it opens in your default browser on your Mac.

Evernote Adds Skitch Annotation And Faster Sync To Windows

Windows: Evernote made two small updates to its Windows client today — faster sync and image annotation.

Indigo Personal Assistant Comes To iOS

iOS/Android/WP8: Previously mentioned personal assistant Indigo organises your appointments, sets reminders and alerts, and supports voice commands. The app keeps everything in sync across all of your devices, and now that includes iOS.

Ask LH: Should I Use BitTorrent Sync Instead Of Dropbox?

Dear Lifehacker, I keep hearing people talk about BitTorrent Sync, but I’m not sure why I should care about it. Isn’t it just another file-syncing service? Why would I use it instead of something like Dropbox?

AeroFS Syncs Files Between Computers Without Storing Them Online

Windows/Mac/iOS/Android: Storing and syncing your files to a cloud service like Dropbox is fine for most people. If you’d prefer a little more privacy, AeroFS is a service that allows you to sync the contents of a folder between devices and access it from anywhere without storing your data on a third-party server.

SnapPea's PhotoSnap Syncs Mobile Photos With Your PC, Instantly

Android: If you want the photos you take with your Android phone on your computer to share or send around, you have plenty of options for fast, instant uploading. Previously mentioned SnapPea already lets you manage your Android phone from your browser — now it instantly uploads the photos you take as you take them too.

How To Sync Your Saved PC Games Between Computers With Dropbox

Wouldn’t it be great if you could start playing a game on one computer, save it, then pick up where you left off on another computer? Here’s how to sync all your game saves with Dropbox.