Air Drive Mounts Your Android Device Wirelessly As A Drive Letter

Air Drive Mounts Your Android Device Wirelessly as a Drive Letter

Android and Windows: Transferring files to an Android device is a pain. Air Drive lets you wirelessly mount your Android file system as a drive letter in Windows Explorer.

We've covered all sorts of ways to move a file from Android to Windows, including over wireless networks. AirDrive's integration makes it a very simple option.

You'll need to install NetDrive on your PC and AirDrive on your Android device. Then your Android will show up as just another drive letter in Windows.

AirDrive [Google Play Store]


    Its less a pain then iphones, you don't have to install any programs
    just plug it in and set MTP mode to make it pop up as a regular flash drive.

    This sounded good but net drive error-ed out when i tried to install it.

    I have a regular shared folder on my computer, and i use ES File Explorer to browse and copy when im at home on the wifi, its worked pretty well

    By your deductions, copying anything to a USB flash drive is a pain... I'm guessing you rushed the story and couldn't think of anything better to write.

    BlackBerry 10 supports this natively too.

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