Behind The App: The Story Of Boomerang

Boomerang is like an email magic trick. The plugin lets you schedule emails to be sent whenever you’d like, hide messages for later (like hitting a snooze button), and it has a number of other useful abilities to ease your inbox woes.

Minbox 2 Adds Screencasting To Its Super-Fast Sharing Service

Web/Mac/Gmail: Minbox, the sassy, fast, free, file-sharing service, has taken the wraps off a major update today. It includes new security tools and instant screencasting on the Mac.

Gmail For Android Gets Drive Integration, A Better Sidebar And More

Gmail got a small update on Android today, adding a “Save to Drive” button, spam improvements and a few interface changes. The sidebar also now includes access to the Settings menu.

Gmail Is Dumping The Ability To Send Calendar Invites

At Lifehacker, we’re all about doing things as quickly and efficiently as possible; which makes this impending Gmail “update” a bit of a drag. From the beginning of July, you will no longer be able to send Calender invitations through Gmail. Instead, users will be required to head into Google Calendar. Boo!

Google Now Starts Reminding You To Pay Bills Based On Your Email

Android: Continuing the never-ending onslaught of new Google Now cards, Google has begun rolling out a feature that will remind you of upcoming bills. Provided you have email scanning turned on, of course.

Build Your Own Advanced Gmail Filters With Scripts

Google gives you several options for setting up email filters, but it lacks a few settings to make it seriously powerful. Digital Inspiration shows off how to use a script to power up those filters even more.

How To Limit Gmail's Personalised Ads

Google’s algorithms have always scanned Gmail messages to display personalised advertisements, but a recent update to the terms of service has everyone talking about it again. You can’t stop scanning altogether, but if you want to limit what kinds of ads you see — and even get rid of some — you can do so with a few tweaks.

Gmail Makes It Easier To Insert Phone Photo Uploads

Want to include a recent photo in that email you’re sending from the Gmail web client? That process has become a little easier, with Google adding a new ‘Insert photo’ button that accesses the photos most recently uploaded from your phone.

Silence Long 'Reply All' Threads With Gmail's Mute Feature

We’ve all been there: You get caught in an email thread where everyone is hitting the “reply all” button. Even though the email is no longer relevant to you, the replies keep filling up your inbox. Gmail can help you mute these conversations.

Checker Plus Reads Gmail Messages, Marks As Read From Notifications

Chrome: Google’s browser has a pretty nifty notification system. While Gmail can provide some basic notifications through Chrome, Checker Plus lets you automatically read emails out loud and mark them as read from the notification.