Supercharge Your Gmail Filters With These System Labels

One of the best things about Gmail is its robust filtering system. It’s easy to route very specific types of messages to different folders or relegate them to the archive easily. Now, you can supercharge Gmail’s default options with these system labels that let you search unsearchable folders or root out specific types of messages.

Google Adds An 'Unsubscribe' Button To Your Inbox

In the past, Gmail has attempted to make it easy to unsubscribe from email mailing lists, but the option has been buried under spam reporting (which may not always be what you want to do). Now, you can unsubscribe to many lists with a single click.

Gmail's New Smart Labels Auto-Categorise Purchases, Travel And Finance

If you have the Gmail “Smartlabels” (or Smart Labels) lab enabled, the next time you log in, you’ll see more options for automatically categorising your emails. New emails can be auto labelled as purchases, travel and finance — in addition to the social, promotions, updates/notifications and forums labels already in place.

Google Outage Teaches Us That Uptime Percentages Aren't Helpful

Over the weekend, Google suffered an outage for most of its services. Some users — including paid Google Apps For Business customers — weren’t able to access it for close to an hour. But even with that outage, Google’s uptime percentage looks fairly healthy.

This GTD Workflow Is How I Finally Got My Email Inbox Under Control

I have a confession to make: I hate emails. So much so that they just pile up, sometimes burying ones that are actually important. That all changed this weekend when I copied this GTD Gmail setup from startup founder Andreas Klinger.

Boomerang Adds Scheduled Message Management Directly In Gmail

Chrome/Firefox/Safari: Boomerang, a popular browser extension for Gmail users, schedules your messages to be sent at a later time or reappear in your inbox at some point in the future. In the original version, you had to use a “manage page” to edit and scheduled items, but now you can do that directly from the message itself in Gmail.

How To Stop Google+ Contacts Emailing You On Gmail

Google has tweaked Gmail so that anyone who can find you on Google+ can send you an email, even if they don’t have your email address. If you don’t fancy being spammed by the wider Google+ community, there’s a setting to switch the option off.

Signal Edits Emails In Your Gmail Inbox

Chrome: Signal is a new extension for Chrome that lets you edit messages in your Gmail inbox, allowing you delete the unwanted parts or highlight the important stuff.

Track Emails Without Responses In Gmail With This Script

There are plenty of tools out there to help you with email management, but if you want to do it yourself, blogger Jonathan Kim has created a Google Script that automatically shows you which emails you have sent that haven’t received replies.

Disable Automatic Image Loading In Gmail To Improve Security

This week, Google made a change to how it loads images in Gmail. Now, instead of pulling images from the source, Google caches the pictures on its own servers, and always displays images by default. That’s great if you want the pictures, but if not, you can turn it off.