Notes For Gmail Gives You A Scratchpad For Emails And Threads

Chrome: Notes for Gmail is a Chrome extension that lets you add a note to a message as a reminder for the next time you look at it, or add a digest of everything important from a whole email thread. Think of it as sticky notes for your email.

Streak For Gmail Adds An Email 'Snooze' Button To Keep Your Inbox Tidy

Chrome/Safari: If most of your work comes in through your email inbox, Streak’s new email “snooze” feature lets you archive messages you need to get back to for a specific period of time. This allows you to focus on other things in the interim.

BlockSender Bounces Email Back To The Sender

Chrome: Gmail does an excellent job of blocking spam, but sometimes you want to go the extra mile and prevent some mail from ever reaching your account. BlockSender is a Chrome Extension for Gmail that can trick the sender into thinking your email address is incorrect.

MailTrack Tells You When Someone Has Read Your Email Message

Chrome: Corporate email systems often have ways of telling you if an email is read. For users of Gmail in Chrome, MailTrack creates easy read receipts. MailTrack, like other read receipt extensions, puts a tiny image in the outgoing email that displays when a recipient opens the email.

Quickly Save An Email To Google Drive With Google Cloud Print

Gmail used to have a handy “Save as Google Document” feature in Gmail that made it easy to archive emails, but that option isn’t there anymore. Digital Inspiration suggests using the Print option to save it as a PDF instead.

Reply Now For Gmail Reminds You To Respond With Coloured Timestamps

Chrome/Firefox: Sometimes, small apps add a feature that changes how you use a technology. Reply Now is one such extension that turns Gmail’s timestamps from raw data to a relative measure of how long ago you got any email.

SndLater Schedules Outgoing Gmail, Reminds You To Check In Later

Chrome: Scheduling outgoing Gmail messages isn’t exactly new, but there’s always room for improvement. SndLater makes it easy to schedule an email for later, and it also allows you to remind yourself to check in on a conversation after a set amount of time.

Find Unanswered Emails With A Google Apps Script

We all send out emails that seem to go by the wayside. If you want to track down those emails still waiting for a response, you can use a Google Apps Script.

Boomerang Adds Keyboard Shortcuts, Premium Plan

Chrome/Firefox/Safari: Boomerang, the popular browser extension for Gmail users, added a handful of new features today. For all users, Boomerang now has keyboard shortcuts. It also gets a new premium plan for those who want it.

Behind The App: The Story Of Boomerang

Boomerang is like an email magic trick. The plugin lets you schedule emails to be sent whenever you’d like, hide messages for later (like hitting a snooze button), and it has a number of other useful abilities to ease your inbox woes.