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Gaming Store Showdown: Steam Vs. GOG Galaxy

Steam has more or less owned the PC gaming market for the last decade, but we finally have a decent challenger with GOG Galaxy. Here’s how the two stack up against each other, and more importantly, what that means for PC gamers as a whole.

Dealhacker: Xbox One, Tomb Raider & Rise Of The Tomb Raider For $423 (Today Only)

With Valentine’s Day behind us, February has no other special days for gift-giving. So why not get yourself a nice present? How about console-shaped one with Tomb Raider-like protuberances, for a reasonable $423?

Top 10 Ways To Breathe New Life Into An Old Gaming Console

If you’ve been playing video games for any amount of time, odds are pretty high you have at least one console in your entertainment centre doing nothing and that sucks. Don’t let your old friend sit there and collect a gross film of dust and grime, give it a new life — or find someone who will. Here’s how.

How To Fix Your Terrible Gaming Posture

I’ve lost track of how many of my gaming friends have had to stop playing or give a game up entirely because they contracted some form of injury or pain in their back, hands, wrists or forearms. Given how much gaming is growing, along with the penetration of computers and smart phones, it’s not likely that the amount of associated injuries will decrease. Fortunately, there are some steps you can enact.

A Closer Look At Steam For Linux's Vulnerabilities And How They Affect Windows

Steam has a large user base — to put it lightly — so if there’s something wrong with the Steam client, users should know about it and even better, such problems should be fixed as soon as possible. Recently, a few supposed vulnerabilities were discovered in the Linux Steam client… but are they really a problem?

Hearthstone Online Game Cheaters Expose Themselves To Malware

Players of the insanely popular Hearthstone video game by Blizzard Entertainment are being targeted by cyber attackers. Well, specifically players who are looking for online tools to cheat in the game. Here are the details.

Build A Super-Powered Mobile Gaming Device With A Raspberry Pi 2

The original Raspberry Pi-powered PiGrrl put together by Adafruit is a wonderful way to take your retro gaming on the go, but the two-button setup was a bit limiting. Now, Adafruit’s back with a new version.

Stuff A Raspberry Pi Zero Into A Nintendo Controller For Old School Gaming

We’ve already seen a Raspberry Pi Zero get stuffed inside an Xbox controller, but if you’re looking for a project that’s a bit more retro, then a NES controller might be more up your alley.

Dealhacker: Buy A GeForce GTX 970, Get Rise Of The Tomb Raider Free

You’ll still have to wait until 28 January to get your hands on Rise of the Tomb Raider, but if you’re looking to upgrade your GPU at the same time, NVIDIA might have the deal for you. According to the graphics vendor, for a limited time, it’ll be bundling the game with its high-end 900 series hardware.

See If Your PC Is VR-Ready With The Oculus Rift Compatibility Tool

Preorders for the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset are finally open to all, but you’ll need a beefy computer running Windows to use it. This tool will check your system and see what you need to upgrade so you’re ready come launch in May.

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