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PC Graphics Card Showdown: NVIDIA Vs. AMD

The hardest part of building a PC is picking the parts, especially when everyone around you seems to have an opinion. And no flame war is more prevalent than the NVIDIA snobs vs the AMD fanboys. What’s really going on with these two companies, and which card should you get?

How To Build A Powerhouse Steam Machine For Hundreds Of Dollars Less

It’s been a long time coming, but the first Steam Machines are finally here: compact computers that give you the quality of PC gaming with the living room convenience of consoles. Too bad most of them cost an arm and a leg. Here’s how to build your own for less.

Gaming Software Showdown: Logitech Gaming Vs. Razer Synapse

Logitech and Razer both have some pretty awesome gaming peripherals. Whether you’re playing games or getting real work done, they’re both great options. The software they use have some small, but important differences. Here’s how they stack up against each other.

Ask LH: Should I Buy A PC Or A Laptop For Gaming?

Dear Lifehacker, I have a $1000 budget and I like gaming, but I have no idea if I should buy a laptop or a PC. I don’t know what specs I need to be able to play this year’s games on normal quality. Please help! From PRS.

The Steam Halloween Sale Is On Now

Without warning, the Steam Halloween sale has crawled from the dark underworld to bring you awesome deals on the best spooky PC titles. You’ll be able to fill your frighteningly large backlog now until 3 November at 4am (2 November at 10am US time).

Xbox One Vs PlayStation 4: Two Years Later

It’s been nearly two years since the launch of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. With dozens of software updates and a price drop, choosing between the two is much harder than it was in 2013. So, we decided it was high time to compare them now that they have hit their stride.

I Have A To-Do List Just For Skyrim, And It's Made Gaming So Much Better

We all strive to be more productive at work. We dream about having a perfectly crafted to-do list that you actually stick to. I’ve unlocked this achievement, but it wasn’t at the office. My perfect to-do list helps me get things done…in video games.

Typeeto Connects Your Mac's Keyboard To iOS, Android, Consoles, And More

Mac: Typing on just about every device that isn’t an actual keyboard kind of sucks, but Typeeto is a simple little Mac app that allows you to easily connect your Mac’s keyboard to just about any device that uses Bluetooth.

Ask LH: How Can I Stop VPNs From Slowing Down Online Gaming?

Dear Lifehacker, I’m planning on signing up for a VPN so I can get the US Netflix. However, my housemate is an avid online gamer and lag is the enemy. So my question is: if I set up a VPN on my computer, will his computer be affected too? If so, are there any easy workarounds?

Windows 10's Xbox App Is Awesome, Even If You Don't Have An Xbox

Windows 10 brought a ton of new and awesome features. One of the best features is the new Xbox app. Even if you don’t have an Xbox, this app is useful for everyone. You can use it to record games, create clips from any app, and even stream console games.

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