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The Gamer's Triple Monitor Workspace

It’s not often I see triple monitor setups that actually look sharp — I mean really sharp — and this one fits the bill. Over at the battlestations subreddit, Evexium shares this workspace, packed with three displays mounted to the wall, and great cable management.

The Audiophile's Workspace

We’ve seen a lot of workspaces with great audio gear in them, but redditor huy- has an interesting collection of good, solid, consumer gear meant to give him the best possible listening experience without being crazy or over the top. Here’s a look at his workspace.

Featured Workplace: Flick Electric Co

“Electricity is sexy and very exciting!” Jessica Venning-Bryan, general manager for brand for Flick Electric Co, said. Flick is a start-up that’s shaking up the power business in New Zealand. Now, I’d say for most people, the idea of an electricity company doesn’t exactly match up with words like “sexy” and “exciting”. But just like how Flick is changing the way consumers consume energy, it’s also turning the stilted corporate culture associated with big power companies on its head. Their vibrant office is a reflection of that and in this week’s Workspace, we will be exploring Flick’s base of operating in Wellington.

The Chalkboard Wall Workspace

Over on Flickr, Razan sent in her workspace, where she handles her day job, her passion (photography), and of course, where she relaxes. The space also has to double as her bedroom, so space is a premium — but check out that chalkboard wall! Here are some more photos.

The Arcade Work And Play Space

Over at Flickr, tadashiiman shares these beautiful photos of where he works, plays, and makes art, and we couldn’t be more in love. A standing arcade cabinet, dual-display setup, and solid sound? We’re down.

The Minimalist's Work And Play Space

Video editor and redditor Alex Mitchell put together this amazing video of his workspace — it’s minimal, clean and has plenty of room to work (Macbook Pro) and play (his PlayStation 4). We love it. Here are some more photos.

The All Watercooled, Pilot And Co-Pilot Glass-Top Workspace

Over on the battlestations subreddit, Sarne shared this beautiful setup with a side-by-side computers in a custom desk with an open top and LEDs so you can see the inside. The whole thing is just beautiful.

The Action (Figure) Packed Workspace

Reader Norma just decided to renovate her workspace, and did it all for just shy of $US800 ($1,108). She has tons of before and after pictures over at Flickr, but we’re going to focus on the after shots here, because they look great. Room to work, tons of storage for games, and lots of action figures.

The Library Studio Workspace

We love minimal workspaces, but there’s something about these home office setups that look and feel more like a study than anything else that’s also really attractive. Redditor Formulabuild built this home office with a library on one side and all of his instruments on the other. Here are some more photos.

The Extremely Pixel-Dense Workspace

Redditor jamend loves screen real estate, and so do we. He’s rocking four displays in this shot, a 4K display in the center, two 1440p displays on either side, in portrait mode, and a 4K TV just above. Best of all, that’s not all the great gear he uses to get stuff done. Here’s a full rundown.

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