The Custom Mac Pro Workspace

Today’s featured workspace is a minimalist home office with one quirky feature: a carved spot on the walnut desk for the cylindrical Mac Pro computer.

The Circular Workspace For Two

Today’s featured workspace sports a custom-made, circular desk that turns a small room into a sort of cockpit for two. There’s a PC on one side and an iMac on the other, and they get along just fine in their no-hard-corners room.

The Bold, Red And Black Workspace

There’s nothing like a dedicated colour scheme to tie a room together. In this case of this workspace, it’s bold red walls and all black furniture.

Concrete And Wood: The Unusual Workspaces Of Security Firm Bitium

Today’s featured workspace belongs to Santa Monica-based security firm Bitium. It’s a homier office than you might expect.

The Lava Lamp Workspace

Lava lamps aren’t just novel relics of the ’60s and ’70s. Lined up in a colourful collection, they can be pretty neat office accessories, setting a tranquil mood.

The Floating Shelves Workspace

An adjustable shelving system can really transform the way a room looks, making it appear open and modern with the flexible positioning of the shelves. Today’s featured workspace has a Mondrian-like arrangement to the shelves and seems like a bright and colourful place to get things done.

The Spooky Workspace

If you’re a fan of horror films, you might appreciate today’s featured workspace. While elegantly decorated in general, Christopher Brielmaier’s home office is also adorned with a skull mask, Baphomet mask, Freddy Krueger gloves, and other spooky items.

The Playroom Workspace

Working at home with little children underfoot isn’t always easy, but having a space where you can both work and keep an eye on your little one helps. Today’s featured workspace transitions seamlessly from office to kid’s area, with plenty of creativity all around.

The DIY, Hidden-Peripherals Standing Workspace

We’ve shared a number of DIY standing workspaces, but Flickr user Evenprimes put together a desk with a hidden compartment for all his peripherals so they’re hidden away out of sight. The desk itself is made from pipe and pipe fittings from Simplified Building Concepts, with the rest built out of wood.

The Wine Crate Workspace

Flickr user Shawn McBee has a most unusual DIY desk. It’s made up of 14 wooden wine crates and a matching door for the desk top.