The Steampunk Workspace For Two

Steampunk, that unique style that combines industrial antiques and technology, isn’t for everyone. Nonetheless, it’s hard not to appreciate how dedicated this couple has been to designing their home office to infuse it fully in the Steampunk style.

Google In Amsterdam Has Ceiling Waffles And A Caravan

Google’s Sydney HQ is fairly impressive, but it can’t boast giant waffles hanging from the ceiling or a caravan-inspired meeting space. For that, you need to head to its Amsterdam office.

The Picture-Perfect Apple App Developers' Workspace

Today’s featured workspace is meticulously designed, elegant in its grey, white and red colour scheme, and incredibly slick — just like a great iOS or Mac app. It’s the home office of Mark Jardine, who runs Tapbots (the company behind Tweetbot) with his business partner Paul Haddard.

The Indie Game Designer's Tablet-Centric Workspace

Indie video game designer Michael Kelley, of Nickel City Pixels, has an unusual, somewhat Frankensteinish workspace. Yet it’s set up for optimum productivity, which Kelley walks us through in this video tour.

Remember To Plan For Cloud Outages

Moving to a cloud provider means you don’t have to worry about maintaining hardware or managing software. However, no cloud service has perfect uptime, so you still need to make sure that you plan what you’ll do if there’s an unexpected outage at one of your providers.

Lifestyle Working's Building Blends Solar, Broadband And Basil

Lifestyle Working’s multi-tenant office building in Melbourne’s Docklands offers an unusual combination of green design (including solar panels you can buy individual strata titles for), high-speed broadband and an on-site garden where tenants can grab herbs and fruit for their lunch. Check out the facilities in this photo tour.

An Art White Wall And Wiimote Control: The GrooveSpace Workspace

Today’s featured workspace eclectic and ergonomic. The setup combines a 42-inch flatscreen TV, standing laptop desk, and both a Wiimote and Windows Speech Recognition for nearly typing-free computing.

The Dark Alcove Workspace

Some like it dark. Today’s featured workspace makes great use of a recessed area with a custom-built desk and storage unit.

Darth Vader Meets Iron Man: The Updated Sleek White Workspace

Today’s featured workspace is an update of a home office we’ve seen before. This version is even nicer, thanks to a little furniture rearrangement, new hardware, and, of course, the geek-friendly wallpaper and wall decor.

The Neat Crow's Nest Workspace

Today’s featured workspace is a fun-filled space. Despite all the eye candy, it’s so finely organised, fellow neat freaks are sure to be impressed.