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Featured Workspace: Inside Twitter's Swanky New Australian Office

Twitter launched its presence in Australia in 2013 but didn’t have a proper office until this year. The US-based social media company has finally settled into a fancy permanent workspace and Lifehacker Australia was invited to take a tour of the new joint. Here’s a guided tour of what’s cool about the Twitter Australia office.

The Red And Black Gamer Workspace

I’m not sure if Flickr user Jason T. Lewis is a gamer. But I’m pretty sure he’s a gamer, judging by the red bias lighting, the desktop wallpaper, and the battlestation gear.

The Music Lover's Corner Workspace

One monitor dedicated to music, and another completely for getting things done? We can get along with that idea. Jan Smedemark submitted this sharp but practical workspace, and as fellow music lovers, we appreciate his priorities.

The Minimal Ultrawide Workspace

Over at the battlestations subreddit, repens picked up a shiny new ultrawide monitor and wanted to do something a little different with his desk to accomodate it. The end result is this good-looking, minimal, distraction-free setup.

The Baymax Workspace

Big Hero 6 is a fun, entertaining movie, and today’s featured workspace celebrates one of its main characters.

Most Popular Workspaces Of 2015

Each week, we showcase what’s in other people’s workspace setups. Take a look back at your favourite ones from this year.

The Home Away From Home Office Of Airbnb

The art-filled workspace above looks like it could be in anyone’s home, but it’s actually an office workspace. It’s part of Airbnb’s San Francisco headquarters.

The Organised His-And-Hers Workspace

Shared offices aren’t always easy to keep neat and organised, but this one belonging to Andrew Carretta and his wife manages to be both. Other shots of the workspace reveal some impressive organisation.

The Work And Play Dual-Purpose Workspace

Today’s featured workspace is one part battlestation and one part productive home office. Altogether, it’s an impressive setup with lots of gadgets to appreciate.

The Rustic Reclaimed Wood Workspace

A large L-shaped desk, propped up by what looks to be a massive tree branch. It’s perfect for a nautral, rustic-looking workspace for two.

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