Pick The Second Cheapest Wine At A Restaurant For The Best Value

Wine has so many varieties and varying degrees of value that it can be intimidating to order when you’re out to dinner. Gerald Morgan Jr, Sommelier at Simplified Wine, has some tips on choosing and ordering wine that can help alleviate the confusion and intimidation.

Reduce Drink Dilution With Big-Arsed Ice Cubes

Large pieces of ice tend to melt more slowly when submerged in liquid; especially under normal temperature conditions. In other words, if you want to delay the effects of dilution in your spirit or soft drink, invest in a bigger ice cube rack.

Mixtura Recommends Cocktail Recipes Based On The Ingredients You Have

iOS: You have alcohol, you have a stocked kitchen, so what cocktails can you make? Mixtura is a free iPhone app that gives you a list of drinks based on the ingredients you already have.

Balance Beer Bottles On Knives To Win Free Drinks At The Bar

Who doesn’t like the prospect of free drinks or winning money? Perfect a couple of ingenious bar tricks, and you can become the local hustler who never has to buy a round.

How Much Alcohol Can You Safely Drink?

For many of us, alcohol is an enjoyable backdrop to life: wine with dinner, beers with friends, a glass of bubbly to celebrate a special occasion, or nip of something heavier to unwind after a long day.

Eight Stubborn Alcohol Myths, Debunked By Science

The act of drinking alcohol is surrounded by myths. Whether it’s the idea you can trick breathalysers or the suggestion that caffeine sobers you up, let’s debunk some of these misconceptions so we can actually enjoy our drinks.

Open A Wine Bottle With A Knife And Keep The Cork Intact

Got a wine bottle but no corkscrew? CrazyRussianHacker shows you how to use a knife to remove the cork while keeping it in one piece to recork the bottle.

Leave Soft Drink Bottles Out In The Cold To Make Your Own Slurpees

Live in one of those parts of Australia where the temperature regularly drops below zero? (Hi Canberra!) Make the most of it by turning soft drink into a slurpee without the use of a freezer.

This Video Shows What Caffeine Does To Your Brain And How Much Is Safe

Caffeine is a fascinating drug, one that many of us enjoy via coffee, tea and other products. This video from the American Chemical Society is a quick look on how caffeine actually affects our bodies and how much is a safe dose.

Australian Alcohol Report: A Nation Of Lightweights Or Pissheads?

Australia fosters (Foster’s?) a reputation as a nation of beer-loving swagmen called Bruce. Along with the Irish and Russians, there are few nations on Earth that can match an Aussie drink-for-drink. However, a new report from the World Health Organisation shows that we’re not nearly as hard drinking as we think we are. In fact, Australia didn’t even crack the top ten. Strewth!