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Make Pre-Bottled Cocktails That People Will Actually Want To Drink

Let’s say you’re going to a house party and you want to bring a little alcoholic something. Beer and wine are a safe, easy bet, but a bottle of your favourite handcrafted cocktail says “I tried” without trying too hard. Store-bought cocktails are rarely that great, so why not make your own? Making delicious, fresh-tasting pre-bottled libations is actually quite easy, you just have to know and follow a few simple rules.

How To Make A Watermelon Vodka Slushy With A Drill And A Wire Hanger

When it comes to fun alcoholic drinks, they don’t get much better (or tastier) than this. All you need is a watermelon, a vodka bottle, a wire hanger and a drill. Yes, you read that right — a wire hanger and a drill.

Fresh Beer Only Demystifies Brewery Codes So You Always Buy Great Brew

Android/Web: Make no mistake, some beer ages well, but others just get gross and skunky the longer they have been on the store shelves. If you want to make sure you’re getting fresh brew for your money, Fresh Beer Only for Android (and the accompanying website) can tell you.

The Easiest Way To Add Heat To Your Cocktail

I enjoy a spicy margarita from time to time, but I don’t particularly enjoy large chunks of jalapeno floating around in my glass, clogging up my straw. Luckily, momfilter has a great tip for imparting maximum spicy goodness without adding any annoying chunks.

Skip The Alcohol Before Bed To Sleep Better

You probably feel groggy and grumpy on Monday mornings. Sure, that’s partly because Monday sucks, but if your idea of relaxing on the weekends include having a couple of beers before bed, that alcohol could be screwing up your sleep.

This Video Explains Why You Should Drink Coffee Only At Certain Times

If you’re drinking coffee when you wake up or during your noon lunch break, you’re doing it wrong. The fine folks at AsapScience explain how our natural circadian rhythm increases our cortisol levels at set times during the day: 8am to 9am, noon to 1pm, and 5.30pm to 6.30pm.

Make Any Cocktail Taste Better By Adding A Pinch Of Salt

Whether you’re shooting for sweet or sour, a cocktail should taste delicious. Adding a tiny pinch of salt to your recipe will bring out the good flavours you want without overpowering your taste buds.

Alternatives To Gatorade That Elite Athletes Actually Use

For short workouts, you’ll probably be chugging water. But on long runs (more than an hour), you’ll probably want something more substantial. If you want something with different taste or a slightly different nutrition profile than old standards such as Gatorade, try these hydration options that elite runners use.

Froth Milk Easily With A Tea Infuser

Frothy, foamy milk is a delicious add to your morning (or anytime) cup of joe. If you don’t have a milk frother on hand, you can use a handheld tea ball infuser to get the job done.

Make Your Own Herbal Tea

Some argue that herbal tea isn’t technically tea, since it doesn’t come from the right plant. Herbal tea sounds a lot better than hot herb water, but that’s essentially what it is. And if you have some herbs on hand, you can easily make your own.

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