Turn A 99 Cent Container Into A Car Drink Holder

The IKEA Bygel container is a small mountable storage unit designed to hold kitchen utensils. It can also be used as a makeshift drink holder if your car is too old and crappy to have an inbuilt version.

The Best Drinks For Fixing Health Problems

After exercising, chocolate milk is best. Ginger tea helps with nausea, sore throat and motion sickness. Different drinks work well for different situations and Greatist has a fantastic post rounding up what you should drink in any situation.

Make Your Own DIY Printed Coasters

Coasters keep cold drinks from marking your nice tables — if your guests remember to use them. Why not give them a little extra incentive by making your own coasters out of cool-looking napkins or photographs?

How Much Water You Should Drink Before, During And After Exercise

Staying hydrated is essential for your health, particularly when you’re working out and possibly losing a lot of water through sweat. This infographic from Greatist and CamelBak take the mystery out of how much water you need to drink, depending on the kind of exercise you do and other factors.

That Giant Ice Cube In Your Cocktail Doesn't Work The Way You Think

It always starts the same way — you’re at a nice bar with your special lady friend, and you order a drink. How wonderful that first drink will be after a long day! But then your drink arrives, and it’s more sculpture than libation — a rocks glass with a millimetre of spirits beneath a giant, specially crafted ice sphere. You ordered a drink, but you got a bowling ball in a cup.

Get Rid Of Warts With Green Tea

Warts are most typically caused by the human papilloma virus. They can cause your skin to dry up, itch, and even hurt. One of our favourite wart-removal remedies involves duct tape, but there are other things you can try, including green tea.

Rub Sugar Into Lemon Skins For Perfect Lemonade

Food52 claims this is the best lemonade you will ever have, and all it takes is one little trick: rubbing sugar into your lemon skins before you make the syrup.

Turn That Last Bit Of Honey Into Delicious Traditional Lemonade

When you start running low on honey, the last few drops are usually too hard to extract from the jar to make them worthwhile. Instead of throwing the jar away though, use it to make a refreshing jug of traditional lemonade.

Remember The 2:2:2:1 Ratio For Perfect, Recipe-Free Punch

When you need to make punch for a party party, you can wow everyone by never needing a recipe and making do with whatever ingredients are available. All you need to know is one magical ratio. Yup, ratios are the best way to free yourself from recipes.

Science Explains How Carbonation Works And Why Your Glass Matters

You probably know that carbonated drinks are fizzy because of their CO2 content, and that it’s released when you open a bottle or can. What you may not know is exactly how that process works, and why the glass you drink from plays a role in how long your drink is fizzy. This video explains it all.