Rub Sugar Into Lemon Skins For Perfect Lemonade

Food52 claims this is the best lemonade you will ever have, and all it takes is one little trick: rubbing sugar into your lemon skins before you make the syrup.

Turn That Last Bit Of Honey Into Delicious Traditional Lemonade

When you start running low on honey, the last few drops are usually too hard to extract from the jar to make them worthwhile. Instead of throwing the jar away though, use it to make a refreshing jug of traditional lemonade.

Remember The 2:2:2:1 Ratio For Perfect, Recipe-Free Punch

When you need to make punch for a party party, you can wow everyone by never needing a recipe and making do with whatever ingredients are available. All you need to know is one magical ratio. Yup, ratios are the best way to free yourself from recipes.

Science Explains How Carbonation Works And Why Your Glass Matters

You probably know that carbonated drinks are fizzy because of their CO2 content, and that it’s released when you open a bottle or can. What you may not know is exactly how that process works, and why the glass you drink from plays a role in how long your drink is fizzy. This video explains it all.

Turn Beer Bottles Into Attractive, Cheap Glasses

Do you laugh in the face of danger and love beer? Happy day, then! Here’s a cool DIY for you: Switch out your boring glassware and make drinking glasses out of beer bottles.

Learn The Easiest Way To Sabre A Champagne Bottle

Sabreing a champagne bottle doesn’t really require a sword — a long chef’s knife will do. While it doesn’t make your bubbly taste better or pour smoother, it’s a fun way to kick off a ceremony and impress your guests. If you’re into the idea, the folks at Bon Appetit show you how it’s done in this video.

Switching To Tea May Ease Psychological Stress Like Depression

Soft drinks and coffee can have some negative health effects compared to tea, but if you’re looking for one more reason to switch, how about this: drinking tea may ease the effects of stressful psychological conditions like depression.

Make Cold Brewed Coffee In Your Blender

Cold brewed coffee is a great way to enjoy your daily caffeine fix, but making it can be a fussy process. This technique is quick, easy and uses items you likely already have at home — no added equipment necessary.

Use A Drinking Straw To Remove Cork Crumbs From A Wine Bottle

If you’ve ever had a cork break up while you’re trying to open a bottle of wine, you know it sucks. Instead of straining it or pouring cork into your guests’ glasses, grab a simple drinking straw. Put the straw over the bits of cork, put your finger over the top to create suction, and lift the cork bit right out.

This Time And Temperature Chart Helps You Brew The Perfect Cup Of Tea

There’s a lot to love about tea. It can give you a boost, it’s available in different varieties, and it’s easy to make — for the most part anyway. This graphic makes sure you never over-steep, use water that’s too hot or cold, and even tells you how much caffeine you’ll get from a perfectly brewed cup.