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You Might Be Able To Alleviate Hangover Headache Pain With Relaxing Music

The throbbing pain in your brain might be the worst part of a nasty hangover. Before you have some hair of the dog, try throwing on your favourite relaxing tunes instead.

Make Cheap Bourbon Taste Better With This Instant 'Ageing' Concoction

Normally, an expensive aged bourbon will go down a lot smoother than anything you can find in a plastic bottle. This simple mix, however, can “age” any cheap bourbon and save yourself some time and money.

There's Nothing Special About Alkaline Water

Alkaline water is showing up on more and more grocery shelves — but it doesn’t offer any health benefits over its neutral-pH brethren. Refinery29 explains this myth in detail.

This Infographic Explains Which National Drink To Order Around The World

When travelling abroad, you should make it a rule to soak up as much local flavour as possible. If you don’t mind the odd tipple, this can include alcohol. The following infographic from Fly Abu Dhabi explains the national and/or most popular drinks in a wide range of countries. (Apparently, in Australia you’re supposed to stick with beer.)

How To Make Flavoured Spirits That Are Tastier Than Store-Bought Versions

Walk into any liquor store and you’re likely to see shelves and shelves of colourfully packaged vodkas with flavours ranging from “cookie dough” to “Swedish fish”. They may be marvels of flavour chemistry, but these spirits often taste artificial and aren’t good for much more than a novelty shot. Homemade infusions, however, are a completely different story. They have the added benefit of letting you control the outcome.

How To Make Your Own Home Carbonation System (For DIY Ginger Beer)

Homemade lemonade, limeade or ginger beer can be an extremely refreshing weekend treat. However, most recipes aren’t carbonated — which means you might as well be drinking cordial. This DIY guide explains how to add fizz to your soft drinks.

Make Pre-Bottled Cocktails That People Will Actually Want To Drink

Let’s say you’re going to a house party and you want to bring a little alcoholic something. Beer and wine are a safe, easy bet, but a bottle of your favourite handcrafted cocktail says “I tried” without trying too hard. Store-bought cocktails are rarely that great, so why not make your own? Making delicious, fresh-tasting pre-bottled libations is actually quite easy, you just have to know and follow a few simple rules.

How To Make A Watermelon Vodka Slushy With A Drill And A Wire Hanger

When it comes to fun alcoholic drinks, they don’t get much better (or tastier) than this. All you need is a watermelon, a vodka bottle, a wire hanger and a drill. Yes, you read that right — a wire hanger and a drill.

Fresh Beer Only Demystifies Brewery Codes So You Always Buy Great Brew

Android/Web: Make no mistake, some beer ages well, but others just get gross and skunky the longer they have been on the store shelves. If you want to make sure you’re getting fresh brew for your money, Fresh Beer Only for Android (and the accompanying website) can tell you.

The Easiest Way To Add Heat To Your Cocktail

I enjoy a spicy margarita from time to time, but I don’t particularly enjoy large chunks of jalapeno floating around in my glass, clogging up my straw. Luckily, momfilter has a great tip for imparting maximum spicy goodness without adding any annoying chunks.

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