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Infuse Delicious Gummy Bears With Your Favourite Cocktails

How about a nice Whiskey Sour or a Manhattan? How about we mix those cocktails with the most delightful of lollies — the gummy? The folks at Serious Eats did just that. Depending on the drink you choose, the combination of lollies and booze works perfectly — and it’s not difficult to do at home.

Make A Perfect Cup Of Coffee With These Brewing Ratio Charts

The ratio of coffee to water is key to making a great cup of joe. The Black Bear Micro Roastery has made a chart for easy reference, showing you the right amount of water to use with your freshly ground coffee.

The Best Way To Muddle Mint And Make Eggs Foam (And Other Cocktail Tricks)

If you’re looking to perfect your bar technique, you need to learn how to perform common bar tasks, such as muddling mint without ripping the leaves and the “dry shake,” which makes cocktails with egg white in them foam up. The folks at Serious Eats have all this and more covered in their cocktail mixing guide.

Why Sports Drinks Are Pointless For Most People

A proposal to allow sports drinks manufacturers to feature health claims has led to something of a spat between the drinks industry and a health lobby group. The heart of the matter is whether “sport drinks” are, in fact, healthy.

Cold Brew Your Own Cheaper And Better Tasting Coffee Liqueur

Infuse liquor with coffee, and you’ll get a strong coffee brew with a big kick. Instead of brewing the coffee hot and combining it with the alcohol, try a lazier cold-brew method for a smoother, sweeter coffee liqueur.

This Graphic Shows The Perfect Ratios For 38 Different Coffee Drinks

Don’t know a ristretto from an espressino? Want to mix up your coffee options to include more uncommon drinks (some with names like the “dead eye” and “Borgia”)? Then here’s an infographic worthy of posting in your kitchen.

Learn The Best Methods For Keeping Your Drinks Cooler For Longer

There are many ways to chill your drink, and some will be better than others. The Art of Manliness took the time to test out several and found that ice cubes and ice balls worked the best.

Save Money On Wine At A Restaurant By Ordering From The Bin End List

If you’re out for dinner at a fancy restaurant and you want to save money where you can, ask for the restaurant’s bin end list. The bottles on that list will be a lot cheaper because the restaurant is trying to unload its inventory.

Pick The Second Cheapest Wine At A Restaurant For The Best Value

Wine has so many varieties and varying degrees of value that it can be intimidating to order when you’re out to dinner. Gerald Morgan Jr, Sommelier at Simplified Wine, has some tips on choosing and ordering wine that can help alleviate the confusion and intimidation.

Reduce Drink Dilution With Big-Arsed Ice Cubes

Large pieces of ice tend to melt more slowly when submerged in liquid; especially under normal temperature conditions. In other words, if you want to delay the effects of dilution in your spirit or soft drink, invest in a bigger ice cube rack.

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