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Make A Refreshing Michelada Right In Your Beer Can

A michelada is a tasty cocktail that can be made a few different ways, but usually involves some combination of beer, hot sauce or tomato juice, lime and salt. No matter what ingredients you like in yours, however, the easiest way to make it is right in the can.

25 Delicious Smoothies You Can Make With Just Three Ingredients [Infographic]

Some smoothie recipes are ridiculously complicated with a tall list of fruits, nuts and sweets thrown in. The smoothies in this infographic take the opposite approach. Whether you’re time poor, on a tight budget or simply can’t be arsed faffing about with goji berries, these 25 smoothie recipes will hit the mark: each contains just three ingredients, plus ice.

A Quick Way To Chill Beer In A Hotel Room With No Fridge

Reader Kyle sent in this method to chill beer if you’re on the road, would like a frosty drink, and of course, your hotel room doesn’t have a fridge. Just line up your bottles on the air conditioner unit, fire it up full blast, and give it about fifteen minutes. Surprisingly, that’s all it takes.

Make A Flavorful, Spiced Sangria With Cardamom And Ginger

Sangria is an excellent party beverage, but not all versions of the chilled wine beverage are created equally. Rather than making a syrupy sweet, alcoholic fruit cup, give your sangria a sophisticated makeover with ginger and cardamom.

Turn Any Fruit Juice Into A Crystal-Clear Cocktail Mixer With Pectinase

Fruit juice makes for a great cocktail mixer, but pulp and other impurities won’t make your drinks too appealing. A little dash of pectinase will make your juice look amazing without sacrificing any flavour.

Your Guide To Building A Better Bloody Mary Bar

There’s something about customising a Bloody Mary to fit your special palate that is infinitely appealing, and nothing thrills a brunch guest more than a Bloody Mary bar. Here’s everything you need to ensure your Bloody Bar is a transcendentally tasty experience, even if it’s a bar for one.

Liven Up Your Cocktail Party By 'Flaming' A Citrus Peel Garnish

A lot of cocktail recipes recommend you use a citrus peel as a garnish, both for flavour and aroma. Here’s a way to turn that garnish into something truly exciting for your party guests.

20 Alcoholic Beverages That You're Probably Mispronouncing [Infographic]

In Edward Albee’s Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf, the character of George is haunted by a decades-old memory of accidentally ordering a “Bergin and water” in a crowded pub. While most of us know the difference between bourbon and gin, it’s possible you’ve made a similar faux pas to the sniggers of nearby barflies. Here are 20 popular alcoholic beverages that you might be mispronouncing.

How To Pair Food With Different Types Of Beer [Infographic]

We’ve mentioned before that certain beers go well with certain foods, but this chart shows you which beer flavours pair best with different types of food. You have more flexibility with these more general pairings because you’re not limited to matching specific beers with specific dishes, so you can reach for your favourite brew that matches up well.

Make A Pair Of Hardwood Cocktail Muddlers From A Rolling Pin For Cheap

A nice hardwood muddler can set you back nearly $50, but these great looking muddlers only cost about $10 each and five minutes of work.

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