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SidePlayer Plays YouTube Videos In The Corner While You Browse The Web

Chrome: It’s not hard to watch YouTube videos while you do other stuff online: just resize your windows and watch them side by side. But SidePlayer makes it even easier than that. You can watch a YouTube video straight from the page you’re on.

GoogleGIFs Extension Animates GIFs On Google Image Searches

Chrome: Google Image Search is a pretty great way to find the right GIF when you need it, but the results don’t actually animate unless you select each GIF at once. The GoogleGIFs Chrome extensions fixes this.

Chrome's 'Add To Taskbar' Is Broken In Windows 10, Here's What To Do Instead

With every passing year, it feels like I use more and more webapps instead of desktop apps. Chrome’s “Add to Taskbar” is a great way to make those webapps feel like desktop apps, but it’s slightly broken in Windows 10.

Old Versus New: See Just How Good Chrome's Improved RAM Usage Is

New features are great, but there’s something to be said when a piece of software you use every day gets a few optimisations and performance tweaks. Such is the case with the latest version of Google Chrome, which supposedly does a better job of handling its memory usage. If you want to see exactly how better, this side-by-side video should help.

New Version Of Google Chrome Saves Your Laptop's Memory And Power

Google has brought in some welcomed features in the newest version of Chrome to make the browser less memory and power intensive. Here’s the rundown.

Chrome's Dev Channel Mutes Auto-Play Media Opened In The Background

Ever open a YouTube video in a new tab, only to find that it’s started playing without you? Or a page that starts playing music before you’re ready? Chrome’s latest update will now mute those by default, until you navigate to the tab yourself.

Google Chrome Custom Tabs Allow Apps To Pre-Load Third Party Websites In The Background

Google has released Chrome Custom Tabs which will make loading third-party web content in Android apps super fast. This will be of great benefit to Android app developers and here’s why.

Vysor Controls Your Android Phone From Chrome, No Android App Necessary

Chrome: There are a variety of ways to remotely control your Android phone. Vysor — from ClockworkMod, the developer behind other popular Android apps like AllCast, Helium and ROM Manager — may be one of the simplest solutions yet. All you need is a Chrome app.

Upcoming Chrome Update Will Suspend Flash Ads By Default

With the steady adoption of newer web technologies by browser vendors, Adobe Flash is inching ever closer to its electronic demise. Come 1 September, Google will be giving it a little push, when Chrome will start pausing Flash-based advertisements by default.

Ask LH: Should I Care About Microsoft Edge?

Dear Lifehacker, I’m curious about Microsoft’s new browser for Windows 10 which I’ve yet to upgrade to. What’s new? Should I bother using it instead of Chrome or Firefox? Or is it just Internet Explorer with a new paint job?

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