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Blacklist And Silence Noisy Tabs Automatically In Chrome

Google went some of the way to battling misbehaviour tabs that want to assault your eardrums, but if you’re after complete control, it’s time to install MuteTab.

Smart Tab Mute Makes Sure Sound Plays In One Tab At A Time

Chrome: If you tend to bounce between a lot of different videos or sounds online, you know how much a pain it can be to have sound coming from multiple tabs. Smart Tab Mute ensures only one tab can play sound at a time.

Google Cast Support Is Now Built Directly Into Chrome

If you wanted to cast straight from Google Chrome, you previously needed an extension. As of the browser’s latest version, that is no longer the case — it is now supported natively.

Chrome's New Scroll Anchoring Fixes The Most Annoying Aspect Of Web Browsing

Having web pages load dynamically means you can start reading content and viewing images sooner. The downside of course is that scrolling an unfinished page can result in your position jumping around, making it near impossible to peruse anyway. As of Chrome 51, this particular annoyance may soon be history.

Facebook's New Save And Share Chrome Extensions Offer One-Click Bookmarking And Sharing

Chrome: Facebook has released two new Chrome extensions, Save to Facebook and Share to Facebook, that should to make it a little easier to save and share posts from anywhere on the web to Facebook.

Google Chrome Bug Lets You Pirate Netflix Content

Copyright holders have been fighting against content piracy for some time and one of the weapons they use is digital rights management (DRM). DRM technology generally restricts the access and reproduction of the protected content and Google Chrome uses one called Widevine for copyright media content that is streamed through its browsers including materials from Netflix. But security researchers have found a way to bypass this. Here’s what you need to know.

How To Reclaim The 'Backspace To Go Back A Page' Feature In Chrome

You used to be able to hit backspace to go back to a previous webpage in Chrome but a month ago, Google indicated that it will be removing this feature in a future update for the web browser. The backspace hotkey was omitted from the Canary release of Chrome and now it has been taken out of the Beta version of the latest update. The end is nigh for users (like myself) who do take advantage of the backspace to return to previous page function. The good news is there is a way to keep it with a Chrome extension, aptly named Back To Backspace. Here are the details.

This Might Be The Only YouTube Browser Add-On You'll Ever Need

OK, anyone currently working on a browser add-on to customise YouTube can stop now. YouTube Plus, available for both Chrome and Firefox, has basically dropped the mic when it comes to tweaking your online video-watching experience.

Temporarily Store Your Incognito Browsing History Until You Close Chrome

Chrome: Incognito mode in Chrome is great, but one downside is the fact Chrome doesn’t keep any kind of history when you’re using it. That’s great most of the time, but sometimes you do want that history. Off the Record History creates a temporary history file in incognito mode for just those reasons.

New Tab Motivation Gives You A New, Inspiring Quote With Each Tab You Open

Chrome: If you’re the type who enjoys a little motivational push through the day in the form of an inspiring quote, New Tab Motivation for Chrome delivers, with a random quote each time you open a new tab.

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