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Silent Site Sound Blocker Only Lets Whitelisted Tabs Play Audio

Chrome: We’ve all been there — you open a site in a new tab, and it starts playing audio in the background. Or worse, you open it in the foreground and it starts a video in some random corner of the page while you read an article. Silent Site Sound Blocker puts an end to that nonsense for good.

Ungoogled Chromium Strips Away The Privacy-Invading Features From Chrome

Chrome’s a great browser, but there’s no denying that Google’s got eyes deep inside it to track all kinds of stuff. Ungoogled Chromium is a special build that strips as much of that stuff away as possible.

Signal, The Encrypted Chat App, Is Now Available On The Desktop

Chrome: Signal, the encrypted chat app built by Open Whisper Systems and approved by the likes of Edward Snowden, is now available as a desktop app through Chrome.

Activate This Chrome Flag To See Just How Non-Secure The Web Today Is

By the end of 2017, it’s almost a certainty that the Google-developed Chrome browser will flag all non-HTTPS sites as “non-secure”. Currently, only HTTPS sites lacking certificates (or out-of-date or incorrectly configured ones) earn the red triangle of doom. But what if Google flicked the switch now? What would the web look like?

Chrome Beta 54 Now Lets You Play Video In The Background On Android

Android: Unless you use YouTube Red, playing videos in the background on Android is probably pretty rare. That’s changing in the new Chrome Beta, which allows you to play videos from web pages in the background. Yes, even YouTube.

Add A Random Button To Netflix With This Chrome Extension

Chrome: Ever wished Netflix had a random button to only shows movies, documentaries or TV shows? Random Button for Netflix is a Chrome extension that adds just that.

Google's Plan For Chrome To Clamp Down On Unsecured HTTP Connections Starts In January 2017

Google’s inexorable march towards “a more secure web” continues, with the internet giant recently posting an update regarding the next steps it will take with Chrome to flag “non-secure” websites. 2017 looks like the year things will get serious, with sites featuring data-sensitive form fields and no HTTPS support in the crosshairs.

Google's Hangouts Extension Operates More Like Its Own App Now

Chrome: Google has released an update to its Hangouts extension that gives it a bit of a new look alongside some new functionality.

Lifehacker Pack For Chrome 2016: Our List Of The Essential Extensions

Google’s Chrome browser is packed full of an incredible amount of extensions that add all sorts of functionality. It’s tough to sift through the store to find what’s useful though, so let us save you some time with this collection of our favorite Chrome extensions.

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