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Delight Turns Every New Tab Into An Inspiring Time-Lapse Scene

Chrome: There are lots of ways to brighten up your new tab page, but Delight is one of the most inspiring (and beautiful) I’ve seen. It’s functional too: It combines your most-visited pages, the weather, your Chrome apps, bookmarks, and history, with a gorgeous time-lapse that makes you just stop and stare.

Google Beefs Up Safe Browsing Service To Protect Against Beguiling Online Attacks

Google rolled out its Safe Browsing service eight years ago to protect internet users against traditional phishing attacks on the web. But the online security landscape has evolved since then and attacks are becoming much more sophisticated. That is why Google has fleshed out Safe Browsing to encompass deceptive social engineering attacks on the web.

Sign Up For The Chrome Beta On iOS

iOS: Fancy yourself a fan of Chrome on the iPhone and iPad? Like other versions of Chrome, you can check out new beta versions, you’ll just need to sign up with Google.

Google To End Chrome Support For Windows XP, Vista And Some Mac OS X Versions Early Next Year

Microsoft stopped supporting Windows XP early last year but a number of organisations are still using the outdated operating system. Google had said it would end Chrome support for XP by the end of 2015, but it looks like it has extended the deadline. The company has also provided details on when it’ll stop supporting Microsoft Vista and older versions of Mac OS X.

SiteJabber Shows You Reviews Of Web Retailers Before You Buy

There are thousands of retailers around the web that would love your business. The trouble is knowing whether they’re legit or you’re wasting your money. That’s where SiteJabber comes in: Their new Chrome extension makes it easy to find out before you buy.

Chef's Hat Lets You Bookmark And Organise Recipes From All Over The Web

Chrome/iOS: There’s no shortage of ways to organise recipes you find around the web, but they come and go so quickly it’s nice to see a new one. Chef’s Hat is a bookmarking and snipping tool that saves recipes you find around the web so they’re easy to find — and cook — later.

ProxMate Extension Abandons Free Model, Moves To Subscription

ProxMate was one of the few remaining free proxy browser extensions, but earlier this month, it moved to a subscription model (along with receiving a new icon and facelift). So, if you want to continue using ProxMate, you’ll have to cough up some coin.

Xendo Lets You Search Dozens Of Your Cloud Services At Once

Web/Chrome: You probably have too many cloud services storing your stuff. Xendo allows you to search Google (and all its services), Dropbox, Evernote, Pocket, and plenty more in one place.

Google Kills Off Chrome Notification Centre

Add another victim to the Google murder list because the company is killing off its rich desktop notification centre for Chrome. It was a offering brought out for Windows, OS X and Linux a few years back that allowed web pages to push notifications onto the desktop which were enhanced by Google Now information.

There's Now One Less Google Chrome Security Icon To Remember

HTTPS is vital for keeping personal data safe when surfing the web and there’s a lot of pressure for website operators to start using it. In Chrome, the browser uses four different icons in the URL bar to indicate just how secure websites are based on their HTTPS use. Not anymore.

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