Unlock A Game Hidden In Chrome On Android Or PC

You’ve probably seen the cute little dinosaur that appears when Chrome can’t establish a network connection. Turns out he’s actually the star of his own endless runner game that you can play on PC and Android.

Clearcut Strips Away The Clutter From Amazon

Chrome: Amazon is a very busy site packed with lot of products. If you’re sick of the clutter and just want to find what you’re looking for, Clearcut gets rid of all the fluff from Amazon’s homepage.

Make YouTube Comments More Bearable With Hide Fedora

No one wants to taint their YouTube viewing experience by indulging in the comments. Sometimes however, the often hate-filled litany can contain links to other, interesting videos that you’d otherwise miss. While there’s no sure-fire way to cleanse YT’s comments section from your browser, you can at least filter out some of the garbage using an extension called “Hide Fedora”.

UpTo Adds Event Subscriptions To Google Calendar On The Web

Chrome: Previously mentioned UpTo first came on the scene as an Android app that allowed users to subscribe to events such as sports, TV and movie schedules, and concerts. Now the company has released a Chrome extension to add the same ability to Google Calendar on the web.

How To Disable Chrome's New User Menu

There’s an update rolling out for Chrome right now that adds a new menu to the top-right of the app that lets you manage users. It’s ugly and a bit obnoxious if you don’t switch profiles often. Here’s how to disable it.

How To Delete Specific Queries From Your Browsing History

Sometimes, you forget about Incognito mode. You could delete your entire browsing history to make up for that mistake, or you could do it selectively. Here’s how to clear up that history in Chrome and Firefox without deleting everything.

Bypass Adware-Wrapped Installers With This Browser Script

When it comes to downloading programs, you always want to go to the source, however, this isn’t always possible if the application in question doesn’t have its own website and instead is distributed via SourceForge or CNET. In this case, you’ll often have to deal with an adware-wrapped installer and while vigilance will make sure you get the download you want, we all slip up. Fortunately, a simple extension can remove human error from the equation.

Chrome Tab Search Adds A Spotlight-Like Search To Chrome

Chrome: If you’re the type to have a lot of tabs open in Chrome, you know that searching through them can be a pain. Chrome Tab Search makes things a little easier by adding a Spotlight-esque overlay to search through open tabs.

Sidenotes Creates Dropbox Notes Anywhere In Chrome

Chrome: Sometimes when you’re working, you need to jot down a quick thought. Instead of opening an app or another browser window, Sidenotes lets you create a note in your current window. Those notes then sync to Dropbox.

AutoConvert Automatically Converts Units And Currencies On Web Pages

Chrome: You can easily convert just about anything with Google, but if you’d prefer a more automatic solution, AutoConvert is an extension that converts measurements mentioned on web pages on the fly.