TagSpaces Is A Cross-Platform, Tag-Oriented File Manager

Windows/OS X/Linux/Android/iOS/Chrome/Firefox: Each platform has its own file manager, and they all come with a unique set of features. TagSpaces offers a single manager for everything, with a focus on tagging your files.

Do Not Disturb Disables An Assortment Of Annoyances Around The Web

Chrome: Ad blockers are popular, but they don’t cover everything. Do Not Disturb ups the ante by blocking content widgets, data miners and a bunch of other things that might annoy you.

Chrome Remote Desktop Arrives On Android

Android: Google has finally released an Android counterpart to its Chrome-based remote desktop application. Install the Chrome Remote Desktop extension for Chrome and now you can log in to your computer remotely from Android.

Facebook Chat Pop-Outs Adds A Much-Needed Pop Out Option To Facebook

Chrome: Facebook Chat is often used (if only because of Facebook’s ubiquity). If you’d like to use it in its own separate messaging window, Facebook Chat Pop-Outs can help.

Fix Those Annoying Chrome Font Rendering Problems With A Single Setting

Chrome beta: Google’s browser is great most of the time, but occasionally you’ll come across this weird problem where text looks gross and broken. As of Chrome beta 35, you can fix this with a single flag.

Chromebleed Notifies You If A Site You Visit Was Hit By The Heartbleed Bug

Chrome: The Heartbleed bug is among the biggest security vulnerabilities we have seen in recent times. You could manually check sites to see if they have been impacted — or you could use Chromebleed, an extension that tells you if the site you’re on was affected by the bug.

Fokus Highlights Selected Text On The Web And Dims Everything Else

Chrome/Firefox: Much as how Turn Off The Lights lets you focus on your videos and dims everything else in a web page, Fokus highlights selected text and darkens the rest of your Chrome or Firefox window.

Top 10 Apps And Services Made Better By Add-Ons

The internet is filled with great apps and services to help you get things done. Alone, those services are powerful — but with a few choice add-ons, they’re unstoppable. Here are ten services you can power up with extensions, scripts, and other apps.

ReadingPack Organises And Discovers Articles To Read

Android/Chrome/Firefox/Opera/Safari/Web: Services like Pocket and Instapaper are great for saving articles to read later, but they’re not always good at finding new and interesting stories around the web. ReadingPack is a new service that can do both, and looks good at the same time.

Four Useful Alternative Browsers Based On Google Chrome

Chrome is the most popular browser around, but even with its large extension library, one size does not fit all. Thankfully, there’s a treasure trove of web browser brilliance built on Chrome’s solid, open-source foundation — from browsers aimed at the security conscious to the multimedia hobbyists. Here are four Chrome-based alternatives worth checking out.