Enable Chrome's 'Mute This Tab' Shortcut In The Dev Channel

Ever have a tab start playing audio without your permission? The latest version of Chrome’s dev channel lets you mute the tab with a simple click.

Add 'Find And Replace' Functionality To Your Browser

Chrome/Firefox: Find and replace is one of those handy little features in Word that isn’t really available anywhere else. If you’d like to add it to Chrome and Firefox, two extensions, Search and Replace, and Find and Replace, do the trick.

Mute Inactive Tabs Automatically Mutes Background Tabs

Chrome: Chrome recently added a handy volume indicator that shows you which inactive tab is making noise, but you still have to open that tab to actually silence it. Mute Inactive Tabs is an extension that does it automatically.

TimeDoser Is A Pomodoro Timer For Chrome

Chrome: The Pomodoro technique is a great way to keep yourself on task and if you spend a lot of time in Chrome, TimeDoser is a great app to help you along.

This Chrome Extension Breaks Up Walls Of Text Into Readable Paragraphs

As regular Reddit users are well aware, running into posts that are essentially giant walls of text is a common occurrence. When this happens you have two choices: persevere into a dangerous world where paragraphs do not exist, or click the Back button and forget about the whole unpleasant experience. I wanted a third option, so I came up with a Chrome extension that can semi-intelligently add line breaks to HTML elements with a few clicks.

App Launcher Puts Google's Shortcuts Menu In Your Chrome Toolbar

Chrome: Google’s app launcher menu has become ubiquitous across Google products, and it’s actually pretty handy. If you’ve ever wanted it outside of a Google site, this Chrome extension gives you what you want.

Chrome APK Packager Turns Your Android Apps Into Chrome Extensions

Android: Launching Android apps inside Chrome is surprisingly easy. Accessing the apps to run is a little harder. Fortunately, Chrome APK Packager can help turn your existing Android apps into Chrome-friendly packages.

Ask LH: Should I Install Chrome OS On My Old PCs?

Dear Lifehacker. I have a few older PC’s lying around the house and was wondering, given that they are older PCs, if setting them up with Chrome OS would be a good option to give them a new lease of life? What would you suggest as the best way to set up a Chrome PC for home use?

Spots Is A Chrome New Tab Page And Android Launcher All In One

Android/Chrome: Spots for Chrome is a customisable new tab page, SMS synchroniser and Android Launcher all in one. The integration of SMS, search features and the bookmarks is what really makes Spots stand out.

Chrome For iOS Adds Supports For App Extensions

iOS: Chrome for iOS has been updated with full iOS 8 support, including the ability to use Apple-approved third-party extensions in the browser. This means you can integrate apps such as Pocket, Lastpass and Evernote right into Google Chrome.