Spaces Manages Chrome Windows, Saves Tab Layouts For Later

Chrome: The person who invented browser tabs was obviously a genius, but it left us with the problem of managing multiple open tabs. Spaces makes it easier by allowing you to save and jump between open windows of various tabs.

Noisli For Chrome Generates Background Sound To Keep You Productive

Chrome: We’re big fans of the Noisli web app, which allows you to create background noise so you can focus on your work. The new Chrome extension works the same way, but you don’t need to keep that extra tab open to use it.

Google Hangouts For Chrome Updated With A New Look

Windows/Mac: Google updated the Hangouts Chrome app today with a brand-new design that makes it a lot more appealing to use. The updated app looks a lot like the Android and iOS versions of Hangouts.

Load Cached Pages In Chrome Without Internet By Enabling This Flag

Your browser saves a cache of most pages you visit. Wouldn’t it be handy if you could access that cache when you lose your internet connection? By enabling the Offline Auto-Reload Mode flag, you can do just that.

Why Chrome Uses So Much Freaking RAM

Chrome may be the best browser around, but it eats up your PC’s RAM like prawns at Christmas. If you’ve ever looked at your task manager, you’ve probably flipped out at the sheer number of Chrome processes and the memory they hog. Here’s why Chrome uses so much RAM, and how to curb its gluttony.

Google Tone Shares Links With Everyone Within Earshot

Chrome: Sharing links via the internet is easy. Sharing in person is still surprisingly difficult. Google Tone aims to make it easier to pass a link around a meeting table by emitting an audible code that your browser can hear and interpret. That means anyone within earshot can grab the link.

Mata ConvertsWeb Pages Into A Low-Light Reading Mode

Chrome: It’s a bad idea to stare at bright lights late at night before bed, yet we all do it way too much. Chrome extension Mata allows you to make your bad habit a little less harsh by inverting the pages you read into darker, eye-friendly versions for night-time reading.

All Versions Of Chrome Will Soon Block Extensions Not From The Web Store

Last year, Google began blocking the installation of Chrome extensions that weren’t from the Web Store. However, it didn’t affect Chrome’s dev channels. Starting today, that changes.

TunnelBear Adds Chrome Extension For Private Browsing On The Desktop

Chrome: We’ve already talked about how great TunnelBear is on Android and iOS. You can use it to get around region blocks, avoid IP tracking and maintain your privacy. Now, the discreet VPN is available to Chrome users with an extension.

Google's 'Animation Policy' Stops GIFs From Looping Forever In Chrome

Chrome: I love a good GIF party as much as anyone, but if I’m on a page with a constantly looping animation, it gets on my nerves pretty quickly. Google just released a Chrome extension that allows you to block animations entirely, or set them to play only once.