Chrome For iOS Adds Swipe Navigation

iOS: Chrome for iOS is great, but one of the weird quirks was that swiping left or right brought up a tab view instead of navigating a tab’s history. That has now been fixed.

What To Do When Google Chrome Refuses To Update

Chrome’s auto-update system is for the most part unobtrusive — you see the three-bar symbol in the top-right corner go from green, to orange and finally red, until you restart the browser. So, you cycle the program and Chrome fails to fire up again and when you do it manually, nothing has changed. The problem is easy enough to fix however, without rebooting.

Browser Faceoff: How Much Faster Is Microsoft Edge Compared To Chrome?

Microsoft’s official web browser for Windows has long been derided for being glacially slow; especially when compared to leaner rivals like Google Chrome. All that could be set to change with the release of Windows 10, however. If Microsoft can be believed, its new Edge browser is a whopping 112% faster than Chrome.

Google Chrome Steps Up Its Malware Detection

Google’s Chrome browser is about to get even more noisy in its quest to keep your computer malware-free.

Boards For Trello Gives Quick Access To Your Boards In Chrome

Chrome: Trello is a fantastic tool to organise your whole life, and before you know it, you’ll have a long list of boards in this visual organiser. Boards for Trello gives you quick access to these through a little extension icon.

Flix Plus Customises Every Corner Of Netflix's New Interface

Chrome: Flix Plus, Lifehacker’s original Chrome extension for Netflix, has been fully updated to customise Netflix’s new layout. You can hide spoilers, show Rotten Tomato ratings and lots more. Here’s what’s new.

Evernote's Web Clipper Now Works Better With Gmail, LinkedIn And YouTube

Evernote’s Web Clipper extension is a great way to save clips from the web to your Evernote account, and now it works a lot better with Gmail, LinkedIn, YouTube and Amazon. Better still, the Clipper can now grab attachments from Gmail.

Delete Chrome's File System API Files To Free Up Disk Space

Dedicated system cleaners are good and all, but sometimes a more surgical approach is needed for freeing up disk space. Take Chrome — while you can nuke its history and cache from orbit, you might find a single folder or directory created by Google’s browser is hogging your drive.

Open With Firefox Bridges The Gap Between Your Two Favourite Browsers

Chrome: The battle between Chrome and Firefox as our favourite browsers has raged for years with no clear winner. If you’d rather not commit to just one browser, Open with Firefox allows you to quickly jump out of Chrome. You can also get Open in Chrome for Firefox for the reverse process.

Google Reverts To Old Chrome Bookmark Manager

Google has backflipped on its revised bookmark manager for Chrome, reinstating the classic version instead.