Chrome's Nasty GPU Memory Leak, And How To Replicate It

A few weeks ago, I wrote about Chrome’s signed distance field setting for fonts and how it seemed to be the cause of a memory blowout in the browser’s GPU process. Unfortunately, the issue was not related to the SDF feature and in fact is a known bug that was introduce a few versions ago.

Deluminate Dims Or Inverts Web Pages To Protect Your Eyes

Chrome: Many websites are almost blindingly bright, with glaringly white backgrounds that could cause eyestrain. Deluminate is an extension that lets you dim or invert the luminance of pages in your browser so they’re easier to read.

Chrome Gets A Faster, More Stable 64-Bit Build For OS X

Mac: Chrome has finally been optimised for 64-bit Macs in version 39, which comes with lots of stability, performance and security improvements.

GIF Blocker Prevents GIFs From Loading Until Requested

Chrome: GIFs are a flexible format for conveying short, silent videos. However, they’re not very efficient and can be slow to load. A page full of them can become unbearable on slower systems. GIF blocker solves that by turning GIFs into on-demand content.

Discover Your Writing Process With Draftback

Chrome: It can be difficult to decipher our own writing processes. Draftback uses Google Docs’ revision history and tracks each keystroke of your document, even ones you made before it was installed.

Time Is Money Shows You Prices In Terms Of Hours Worked

Chrome: To make better spending decisions, some of us like to price items in terms of hours worked. The “Time Is Money” Chrome extension does this for you automatically.

Expensify Makes Receipts From Your Online Purchases

Chrome: We’ve previously talked about Expensify’s ability to generate expense reports from credit cards. Since then, it has also gained the handy ability to create receipts from online purchases that you can pass along to your employer for reimbursement.

Resume A Failed Chrome Download With Firefox

It can be frustrating when a browser crashes in the middle of an important download. While Chrome can’t resume an interrupted or failed download, Firefox can pick up right where you left off.

Medical Translator For Chrome Turns Medical Jargon Into Plain English

Chrome: If you’ve ever researched anything medical, you know what it’s like to have a bunch of jargon thrown at you, only to feel just as confused as when you started. Iodine’s Medical Translator translates confusing medical terminology into plain English when you hover over the word.

Pushbullet Now Lets You Send Text Messages From Your Computer

Android: Pushbullet, the awesome app that syncs notifications between your phone and PC, got yet another update today. Now, you can send text messages through your Android phone from the Chrome extension, turning Pushbullet into a fully-featured text-from-your-PC solution.