Perform Calculations And Converstions Right From The Chromebook App Launcher

Chromebook’s browser-based operating system may be focused on the web, but its built-in app launcher has a few tricks up its sleeve — including performing calculations and conversions without ever opening up a web page.

Hide Promoted Tweets, Trends And Accounts With These Extensions

Chrome/Firefox: Twitter’s promoted tweets, trends and accounts are rather annoying and can be confusing when you see them in your timeline. If you’re not a fan, Ghacks points to a couple extensions that hide that promoted content.

Chrome Now Warns You If A Site Encourages Crapware Downloads

Another handy addition to the security features in Google’s Chrome browser: it will pop up a warning if a site encourages the downloading of toolbars, search enhancers and other unwanted junk that messes up your system.

Quickly Search Just Chrome Bookmarks Or History With Custom Searches

Chrome: The Omnibar in Chrome is useful for searching your bookmarks, history and the internet all at once. However, if you need to just search bookmarks or history, you can do so with a custom search.

What Chrome's Bundled Plugins Actually Do

Chrome doesn’t rely much on plugins, but it’s packed with five of them when you load up Chrome for the first time. How-To Geek explains what the heck they actually do.

How To See If Your VPN Is Leaking Your IP Address (And How To Stop It)

VPNs are great for security, but one of the big reasons many people use one is to mask or change their IP address. This lets you get around location-based restrictions on content, or check if your provider is throttling your connection. Unfortunately, a new security flaw can reveal your real IP address to prying eyes, even if you’re using a VPN, and it’s easy to exploit. Here’s how it works and what you can do about it.

Dropbox For Gmail Easily Adds Dropbox Files To Emails

Chrome: Dropbox released the beta for its new Chrome extension, Dropbox for Gmail today. As the name suggests, the extension makes it easy to instantly add a link to a Dropbox file directly from the Gmail web app.

Peerio Offers End-to-End Encrypted File Sharing, Puts You In Control

Windows/Mac/Chrome: Encrypted cloud storage services aren’t difficult to find, but when you need to send a file to someone else and you want to make sure you keep some control over it (and it stays encrypted), you have fewer options. Peerio is a new free service that wants to make that whole process easy.

Edit Or Delete Individual Cookies Using Chrome's Developer Tools

In Chrome, the most precise cookie deletion you can perform is everything from the last hour, with no ability to select certain sites or even particular cookies. Sometimes you need a finer tool to modify or remove cookies and fortunately, Chrome’s developer functionality has this kind of granularity.

Mainichi Teaches You Japanese With Every New Chrome Tab

Chrome/Web: Learning another language can be difficult if you don’t immerse yourself in it every day. Mainichi is a Chrome new tab replacement and web app that teaches you (and reminds you of) everyday Japanese words.