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Google Calls It A Day On Packaged Chrome Apps For Desktops

Google isn’t one to flog a dead horse. In fact, the company is happy to sink its projects if they’re failing to perform, despite how popular they appear to be. Packaged Chrome apps are next on Google’s hitlist, with the announcement yesterday that they’ll be phased out over the next 12-24 months.

Chrome Dev Puts Articles On Your New Tab Page With New Options

Chrome: Google’s been experimenting with adding articles you might be interested in to the new tab page in Chrome for a while. The latest Chrome Dev version has updated this flag with some new, interesting options.

Go Back With Backspace Brings The Backspace Shortcut Back To Chrome

Chrome: In the newest version of Chrome, Google changed the backspace key’s behaviour so it no longer works as a keyboard shortcut to go back a page. Go Back with Backspace is a Google developed extension that brings that behaviour back.

Google Blocks Background Flash Content In Chrome

The slow death of Adobe Flash marches on. Google has announced it will be blocking non-essential Flash content that runs in the background of webpages in September. Mozilla has already started doing this with its Firefox browser this month. Here’s what you need to know.

Chromebooks Get PIN Unlock In Latest Canary Builds Of Chrome OS

Chrome OS: Currently, if you want to add a lock screen to your Chromebook, you either have to use your Google password (which should be long) or pair it with a smartphone. Soon, you may be able to use a PIN instead.

Go Incognito Opens Your Current Tab In Incognito Mode, Scrubs It From Your Browser History

Chrome: Go Incognito does one simple, very useful thing: It opens your current tab in Incognito mode, then removes any reference to that tab from your browser history. You know, in case you click a link or open something and you just forgot to do it in Incognito Mode first. It’s happened to all of us.

Blacklist And Silence Noisy Tabs Automatically In Chrome

Google went some of the way to battling misbehaviour tabs that want to assault your eardrums, but if you’re after complete control, it’s time to install MuteTab.

Smart Tab Mute Makes Sure Sound Plays In One Tab At A Time

Chrome: If you tend to bounce between a lot of different videos or sounds online, you know how much a pain it can be to have sound coming from multiple tabs. Smart Tab Mute ensures only one tab can play sound at a time.

Google Cast Support Is Now Built Directly Into Chrome

If you wanted to cast straight from Google Chrome, you previously needed an extension. As of the browser’s latest version, that is no longer the case — it is now supported natively.

Chrome's New Scroll Anchoring Fixes The Most Annoying Aspect Of Web Browsing

Having web pages load dynamically means you can start reading content and viewing images sooner. The downside of course is that scrolling an unfinished page can result in your position jumping around, making it near impossible to peruse anyway. As of Chrome 51, this particular annoyance may soon be history.

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