Wunderlist Chrome Panel Makes Your To-Do List Easy And Unobtrusive

Chrome: Wunderlist is our favourite to-do list app on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. If you use Google Chrome, it just got easier than ever to access Wunderlist with a new extension that turns it into an always-open panel that doesn’t clutter your screen.

Tabs Board Switches Google Chrome Tabs By Voice

Windows/Chrome: If you have a lot of tabs open in Chrome and want to quickly find one without clicks or Ctrl+Tab, just say the site’s name in your microphone and Tabs Board will locate it for you. This extension seems gimmicky at first, but the more you use it, the more you realise it has a purpose for power users.

Stop Chrome From Running In The Background After You Close It

Some Google Chrome extensions may keep your browser awake even when the browser is closed or minimised. This could slow down your computer, increase memory usage and eat up your battery. Here’s how to stop this from happening.

Lifehacker Pack For Chrome 2014: Our List Of The Essential Extensions

Google’s Chrome browser is packed full of an incredible amount of extensions that add all sorts of functionality. It’s tough to sift through the store to find what’s useful though, so let us save you some time with this collection of the best Chrome extensions.

Compose Emails And Search Your Gmail Inbox From Chrome's Address Bar

Chrome’s omnibar can be used for more than just searching and typing URLs. If you use Gmail, you can use the address bar to search your emails and compose new messages.

Chrome's Battery-Draining Timer Bug Is Getting Some Attention From Google

A few days ago the ongoing topic of Chrome’s poor handling of Windows’ system timer once again reared its head, specifically how its mistreatment has a noticeable, detrimental effect on battery life. Two years after the bug was pointed out on Chromium’s issue tracker, it’s finally being poked at by the company’s developers.

Notes For Gmail Gives You A Scratchpad For Emails And Threads

Chrome: Notes for Gmail is a Chrome extension that lets you add a note to a message as a reminder for the next time you look at it, or add a digest of everything important from a whole email thread. Think of it as sticky notes for your email.

Instalink Makes It Easy To Share Text And Clipboard Contents With Others

Chrome: Sharing text, code and other snippets with others can be tricky, particularly if you want to preserve formatting and context. Instalink is a Chrome extension that reduces this to a couple of clicks.

Evernote's Web Clipper Adds Built-In Annotation, Shortcuts

Chrome: Evernote’s web clipper extension is arguably the best part of the do-everything note taker. Today, it got a solid update with a new interface and some new features to go with it.

Google Chrome Kills Battery On Windows Faster Than IE Or Firefox

If you are on a Windows laptop, you might want to shut your Chrome and use Firefox or Internet Explorer when you need to conserve power. Chrome has a core problem that causes it to consume more battery than other browsers, Forbes says.