Dolphin Zero Is An Entire Browser Devoted To Privacy

Android: We’re all familiar with incognito mode on modern browsers. It’s the same browsing experience, but with tracking disabled. Dolphin Zero, from the company behind our favourite Android browser, has made an app specifically for this purpose.

See Which Safari Tabs Hog System Resources With Activity Monitor

Mac: With Activity Monitor, you can quickly see which of your apps is hogging system resources and shut them down as needed. But Mac OS X Hints points out that in Mavericks you can get even more granular and see which tab in an app like Safari is slowing down your machine.

Dolphin Browser Adds Night Mode, Themes, Master Password

Android: Dolphin Browser — our pick for best browser on Android — has updated and added the ability to customise the browser’s design. The latest version also returns the browser’s “night mode” and adds a master password feature.

App Directory: The Best Web Browser For Android

There’s no shortage of great web browsers for Android, and which one you use is largely up to personal preference. If we had to pick one however, we still think Dolphin Browser is your best bet for speed, features, gestures and add-ons.

Tab Ahead Quickly Finds The Tab You Need When You Start Typing

Chrome: Sometimes, even when we manage our many browser tabs, we still need to have a bunch of tabs open at the same time. When that happens, it can be a pain to find the one you need among the horde. Tab Ahead makes finding the right tab a cinch.

Mercury Browser Comes To Android With Gestures, Passcode Protection And Plugins

Android: One of the best third-party Web browsers on iOS, Mercury, has finally made its way to the Google Play Store. The free app is much like any other browser at first glance, but it has a few cool features that put it in the same league as our other Android favourites.

Chrome Adds 'Recent Tabs' Menu For Easier Backtracking

In a recent update to Google’s new tab page, that beloved “Recently closed” menu disappeared. Fortunately, you can still access your recent tabs via Chrome’s menu under the “hamburger” icon.

Mozilla Is Also Killing Off Traditional Plug-Ins

The slow death of the old-style browser plug-in continues. Earlier this week we saw Google announce plans to eliminate NPAPI plug-ins by 2014, and now there’s a similar schedule from the Mozilla team that builds Firefox.

The Best Packaged Apps For Chrome

Earlier this month, Google released Chrome Packaged Apps to essentially turn web apps into desktop ones. The result? Some pretty useful and powerful software with features you probably never expected from something with a browser at its core. Come take a look at our favourites.

Chrome Will Ditch Its Plug-In Support In 2014

From an IT management point of view, browser plug-ins are a nuisance: they’re one more thing to maintain and deploy. So from that point of view the news that Chrome is going to drop its support for NPAPI, the plug-in architecture originally developed for Netscape, can only count as a welcome development.