Opera Max Leaves Beta, Compresses Data Over Mobile Connections

Android: Stingy data allowances can make browsing on your smartphone stressful. Fresh-out-of-beta Opera Max can compress data on the server side so you use less of your data, and will work with most apps that don’t use encrypted data.

Ask LH: Which Browser Is Better For Privacy?

Dear Lifehacker, With Firefox introducing ads and Chrome extensions spying on me, is there really one browser that’s better than the others when it comes to privacy? Does it matter if I use something like Opera or Safari instead? Is my browser watching what I’m doing and reporting back?

Use Your Browser's Startup Settings To Help Form Habits

Forming habits is all about repetition. If that plan involves a computer — whether that’s writing daily or logging your workouts — writer Aytekin Tank suggests automatically loading the sites that help you form those habits every time you start your browser.

Puffin Web Browser Brings Flash To Mobile Phones

Android/iOS: Flash on your mobile phone isn’t nearly as necessary as it once was. But if you find yourself wishing you had it now and again, Puffin is a web browser that not only brings you Flash, but also an incredibly speedy browser experience overall.

Light Is A Stripped-Down Firefox Build Made For Performance

Windows: Firefox is still a fantastic web browser, but it has gained a little bloat over the years. Light aims to alleviate this by stripping many components from the browser for a lightweight application.

Enable Autocorrect On Your Desktop With Chrome

Chrome: We’ve become so used to our phones fixing our spelling mistakes for us, but our computers still just lazily sit there, nagging us with a red line. If you prefer the new world, Chrome can help you out with a simple flag.

Dolphin Zero Is An Entire Browser Devoted To Privacy

Android: We’re all familiar with incognito mode on modern browsers. It’s the same browsing experience, but with tracking disabled. Dolphin Zero, from the company behind our favourite Android browser, has made an app specifically for this purpose.

See Which Safari Tabs Hog System Resources With Activity Monitor

Mac: With Activity Monitor, you can quickly see which of your apps is hogging system resources and shut them down as needed. But Mac OS X Hints points out that in Mavericks you can get even more granular and see which tab in an app like Safari is slowing down your machine.

Dolphin Browser Adds Night Mode, Themes, Master Password

Android: Dolphin Browser — our pick for best browser on Android — has updated and added the ability to customise the browser’s design. The latest version also returns the browser’s “night mode” and adds a master password feature.

App Directory: The Best Web Browser For Android

There’s no shortage of great web browsers for Android, and which one you use is largely up to personal preference. If we had to pick one however, we still think Dolphin Browser is your best bet for speed, features, gestures and add-ons.