Can You Solve This Children's Maths Puzzle?

If you were on Facebook today, there’s a pretty good chance you came across this fruit-based brain teaser. The internet is going crazy for it. What seems like a simple maths equation is actually a bit more complex than it first appears. Can you solve it?

The above maths puzzle uses pieces of fruit in lieu of numbers and asks you to calculate the final answer based on what came before. It can be deduced from the first equation that apples have a value of 10. The second equation suggests bananas have a value of 4, while the third gives coconuts a value of 2.

Hoever, if you thought the final answer was 16, you’d be completely wrong. If you’re stumped as to how this could be, you need to take a closer look at the individual pieces of fruit…Cheeky, eh?

We’ll leave it to you to our readers to supply the solution and answer in the comments.


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