How To Assemble The Perfect Backpack [Infographic]

If you’re planning a backpacking adventure, luggage is one of the most important things to get right. With a good bag in tow, you can save yourself a great deal of unnecessary hassle and stress further down the line. This infographic covers everything from internal and external frames to sizing, weight and carry-on restrictions.

Despite their moniker, a lot of backbackers give very little thought into their luggage choice. Some rely on old hand-me-downs while others grab whatever’s cheapest a week before their trip. A few crazy souls rely entirely on bum bags. When you consider how long you’ll be lugging this thing around for each day, it makes sense choose wisely.

This infographic from CheapFlights looks at the important considerations you should be making: it covers size (and how this relates to your weight and height), popular components, packing tips and the pros/cons of different pack types.

[Via CheapFlights]

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