The Rest Of The World Thinks Australians Are Racist, Obnoxious And Hot (Not Necessarily In That Order)

According to international Google Search Suggestions, people in other countries think Australians are rude, racist and obnoxious. But it’s not all bad: they also think we’re tall and hot.

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For his latest data project, US web designer Noah Veltman built a website that tracks the questions people ask Google about other countries. The results provide a snapshot of how the rest of the world views Australia, broken down into individual English-speaking nations.

In the UK, people often ask Google why Australians are tall, white and rude, while in New Zealand, people are more likely to query why we’re so hot, rude and bizarrely, called Kiwis. New Zealanders also want to know why Australia is so boring, which sounds a bit like tall poppy syndrome to us.

Meanwhile, all five countries featured in the project (United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand) regularly ask Google why Australia is so racist.

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While the Google Search Suggestions for Australia are nothing to be proud of, they’re not quite as bad as the USA: the rest of the world wanted to know why Amewricans are stupid, ignorant and fat.

You can check out more of Veltman’s interesting data projects at his official website.

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