Hi, I'm Consolidates Social Networks On One Page

If you meet someone new and want them to contact you online, which option do you share? Twitter? Facebook? Your blog? Start page Hi, I’m collects all that information in one location.

Once you sign up, Hi, I’m lets you set up a page on the domain, so that your personal home page becomes (using me as an example) ‘Hi, I’m Angus Kidman’ — or more prosaically, You can add in feeds from Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Digg, and other networks, as well as individual site links, along with a picture and brief personal description. It’s less a news-centric start page, more a basic online calling card.

Hi, I’m is a neat idea, but the implementation seems a little rough. It picked up my Twitter feed but ignored Facebook, the YouTube feed had no captions, and the rotating list of links often ignored entries I’d created. If you have a better time with it, share some tips in the comments. For other options, check out our Hive Five of the best start pages. Thanks Bill B!

Hi, I’m

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