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  • Ask LH: Am I Allowed To Booby Trap My Thumb Drive?

    Dear Lifehacker, I always take my thumb drive wherever I go. I’m also a bit absentminded. I want to guarantee my thumb drive gets returned to me if I ever lose it. My idea is to have malware hidden on the drive in a specific folder labelled ‘porn101’ or ‘myprivatefiles’. If the person opens that…

  • Five Best USB 3.0 Flash Drives

    Five Best USB 3.0 Flash Drives

    With the convenience of cloud storage, USB flash drives might seem like old news, but the best are portable, fast, near-indestructible and offer tons of space — enough that they’re worth having. Here are five of the best, with links to Australian deals.

  • How To Build A (Nearly) Hack-Proof Password System

    It seems like every day there’s fresh news of a site or service being hacked. The intruders make off with usernames and passwords, and even if they’re encrypted the service forces users to change them. Here’s how you can fight back and avoid hassles when the next hack happens.